17 March 2010

Lady Gaga - fashionable freedom


When I saw Lady Gaga's Australian arrival on the news, I thought two things (my thoughts were loud, thus requiring capital letters in my transcription):


And, DID SHE SIT IN A PLANE SEAT WITH THOSE GIANT SHOULDER-PADS AND COKE CANS IN HER HAIR DURING THE WHOLE FLIGHT FROM NEW ZEALAND TO SYDNEY (was she uncomfortable??), or did she wear a tracksuit and change in the loo before she exited the plane?

Lady Gaga polarises me.

I don't like her music except for the Kid Cudi version of Poker Face.

I don't think she's a pop-music genius.

I've never seen a video clip of hers except the new one where she's in prison wearing very innoative cigarette sunglasses...
...but I've heard she does raunch well, and errr...raunchily.

I don't really understand her because I haven't taken the time to do so.

I think her clothes are sometimes a little bit (ok, A LOT) ridiculous.

And who knew, with all of these dislikes, I would be writing a blog entry about her.

But I do love how she can get away with wearing the things she does. I'm not saying I LOVE the clothes/objects she wears. But I love the creativity and brazenness of it all. I love the excess.

There's something refreshing and humourous about seeing her take fashion to the extreme. That she doesn't save her outrageous outfits for the stage or her videos, but seems to do every day (for a famous person) things like exiting an airport in outrageous get-up.

Like these (click on the picture for image source):

I wish I could have my hair curled around coke cans and wear nothing but a bubble suit. Those outfits are probably personally restrictive - I don't know how she sits down in some of the outfits - but utter fashionable freedom.

For more entertainment to go Gaga over, check this out. The best (worst) of Lady Gaga fashion.

Considering I was wondering why I was commenting on Lady Gaga on my blog, this has been quite fun to research!


  1. I don't really think she's anything different to a young Madonna, so I don't see what the big deal is with her :/ She is quite brave though, I have to give her that. x

  2. I love her songs, but outfits are pretty outrageous...

  3. I admire the energy it must take to wear those outfits because seriously... who could be bothered!

  4. She totally would have beeped through the metal detectors with those Coke cans. I'm sure she needed to have a quick duck into the loos to put them back in her hair before she came through immigration...

  5. As someone who likes to be entertained, I appreciate her efforts. Did you see the hat she wore made out of her own hair? Teehee. Thanks for the piccies, Carly.

  6. I completely agree with you Carly - I cannot stand her music one bit, and whilst I don't like her sense of "fashion" I love that she pushes the limit constantly the way she does.
    Although I did read somewhere that she had to be stripped out of part of her outfit on the plane over here as she nearly fainted due to lack of circulation!

  7. Agreed about the effort it must take to get dressed like that (and to manage being dressed like that!).

    I was never interested in Madonna's clothes or music, so unable to compare.

    As for the cans affecting the metal detectors - I agree!

    As for the lack of circulation - lucky she wasn't wearing many clothes other than the shoulder-pads or she may have really been affected!

  8. I'm still wondering how she manages to secure those coke cans!
    I've heard of the comparison to Madonna, but was Madonna ever this outrageous?
    She's very clever, she's got our attention :)

  9. I don't remember Madonna being this outrageous except for conical bras.


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