08 March 2010

Sam Worthington melts my heart.

When I heard on the news Sam Worthington's girlfriend was wearing J'Aton to the Oscars, I thought - gosh, I'm honoured, J'Aton is my fave designer!

I loved what they did for Dita Von Teese.

Can't wait to wear the dress they've made for me.

Then I remembered.

I am not Sam Worthington's girlfriend outside of my dreams.

(Source: Just Jared)


  1. Ha! Thanks for giving me a laugh today Carly I needed it!

    I have multiple hot boyfriends in my daydreams!

  2. Hahahaha, I love it Carly.

  3. Oh Carly, I have a man crush on Sam. I will let you have him Mon - Thursday for girly stuff (yes u can even do that with him) but come the weekend, it's blokedom. We'll be grunting, farting, talking crap, aahhhh my Sam. Deal ok

  4. No deal Peter. I need him on weekends so I can be the envy of all girls on the town.
    You can be blokey in the week and watch replays of footy matches. You still fart and grunt in the week I take it??

  5. You drive a hard bargain, but ok I will take what I can. Be gentle with him and I will make sure he's fit for the hard weekend. ps yes unfortunately farting and grunting occurs most hours of most days....by product of the y chromosome


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