18 March 2010

On the path to dreams

You may recall a few days ago I wrote this here:

'...it is my dream for a reputable media or communications company to contact me through this blog and ask me to write for them on a regular, paid basis, a bit like Carrie Bradshaw, in the inner suburbs of the city but without the men or the Manalos (Hello - is anyone out there??!!)'.

I imagine myself looking exactly like this, complete with the expression of enlightenment, but my MacBook is more modern:


I submitted a few of my blog entries to a very reputable organisation, and I was contacted today by a staff member within.

He read my submissions and also this blog, and has chosen an article that he thinks is suitable to be edited slightly and published on the organisation's website! It will be me telling my own story.




I am very excited as it's one step closer to my dream!

I'm not going to preempt anything by writing much more about this exciting opportunity, but I'll keep you updated as things progress.

This blog is making things happen!


  1. Awesome work Carrie, oops I mean Carly!

    I am sure its the start of big things for you in terms of achieving your dream ;o)


  2. so very proud of you Carly....go girl.
    fran xx

  3. Hi Carly:)
    You aught to fight for your dreams...
    It is the only way to live ...at least in my book...

    I am fighting with google ...new account ....new blogg.
    Have a nice day...

  4. Thanks everyone :)
    Your support is much appreciated!

  5. Thank you Carly:)
    I really appreciate it:)
    Have a awesome day - SP

  6. What fantastic news! I'm looking forward to the official announcement :-)

  7. Congratulations Carly, that is seriously awesome! Well done!
    About time someone cottoned on to what a brilliant writer you are hun.
    Please let us know when we can expect to see you published! x

  8. That's awesome!!!! Such exciting news.

    Can you tell us what the subject matter of your article will be?

  9. Congratulations Carly. I read your blog every day, and I love the way you write!

  10. arrgh! congrats congrats congrats!!! you give my own career crisis hope xxx

  11. Congrats Carly!! That is super excellent!!!

  12. excellent news carly!! Good things come to those who put the effort in to be noticed, that's for sure!!

  13. Carly that is fantastic !!! I love your writing style and had been reading your blog for a while. Can't wait to hear about who it is. You really deserve it as you have such a way with words. I think it will start a whole new career for you. xx

  14. Good for you Carly! I'm jealous lol. That's the direction I would love to go in in the future. Any advice you can provide would be great! Obviously we're in other countries, but perhaps you have some general tips for who to contact?
    Thanks and congrats! :)

  15. Congrats, Carly! So well-deserved! Can't wait to read your piece, keep us posted...


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