05 March 2010


As mentioned before, my face has been sore today. Again.

It was sore all day, and now I have washed it in the shower it no longer has infection, but still sore.

I think that because of the recent itchy eyes and sneezing I've had, there is more pollen in the air, and this may be making my face sore.

The trouble with my skin is, I can't really change my behaviour to ensure it doesn't get sore. I never know when it's going to get infected. Particularly on my face. When my body gets sore, it comes on slowly. But with my face, WAM, there is is. Clear one day, infected the next.

Fortunately infection doesn't happen too often, though happening at all is too much for me.

It's not like stopping eating a certain food, or going to bed earlier, or sitting on the couch doing nothing will prevent infection.

This illness is unpredictable and tiring.

It's not as bad as some illnesses, I know.

But I hate not being able to just do things without worrying about my skin.

There is the constant cycle of wellness, sickness, recovery, sickness, eventual wellness.

It's never ending.


  1. When I read these posts from you I literally ache for you Carly - I wish I could wave a magic wand and make it stop hurting you.
    Sending you lots of healing vibes hun, hope you feel better asap. x

  2. I am sorry to hear about that Carly. Reading your blog makes me wish there's something I can do to help.

    I have a skin condition on my back as well which leaves quite a bit of scars. I can't remove them and they keep reappearing.

    They are still manageable but I detest my condition from preventing me to wear backless or sleeveless tops.

    I can't imagine how frustrating it must be for you especially if your skin condition hinders you from doing things you want to do.

    I don't mean to sound silly...I just don't know much about your condition but is there any surgery or medication at all that can help your condition? I hope you don't mind that question.

    Do feel better soon. Hugs!

  3. We wish there was something we could say to help take the pain away, just know that we are thinking of you and Ruby sends you soothing puppy kisses.

  4. Just a quick note to say that I'm thinking of you, I can't understand what it's like or think of many thoughtful things to say....

    However your sunshiney (it is a word lol) personality exudes from your blog which is incredible to me, given the adversity I know you face every day.

    Also thanks for the song suggestion (in the air tonight) I really enjoyed it. I love a good remix at the best of times and to hear it sung by a female was refreshing as-well :)

  5. Thanks girls.

    Face is better, arms and legs are still a bit sore. Feeling really shit because my parents (and my?) dog died today - very sad news.

    KittyCate - thank you - I love what you wear and want my wardrobe to resemble yours.

    Bowsnhearts - I know how hard it can be for skin to restrict the types of clothes you can wear. I almost always wear long sleeves and long pants. Or stockings and leggings.

    There is no surgery for this condition. Lots of medication and cream, but most with many side effects.

    Ruby's Raiser - thank you so much - I sent you an email.

    Daughter of the stars - glad you loved Bertie Blackman. She is playing free at Moomba tomorrow but I may give it a miss because of how I feel.

  6. Thanks for the reply Carly. It is a bit frustrating that there's no surgery. At the moment, that is.

    I haven't worn a bathing suit before due to the scars on my back so you have beaten me to that! Lol!

  7. I don't think surgery can fix it - it's not a superficial condition - it's in the genes, and wit skin constantly renewing, surgery just isn't the right type of treatment.


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