16 March 2010

Tastes like fish food

It is becoming a bit of a tradition that each Tuesday night after uni, a friend and I pick out a snack food for the train ride home. When I say tradition, this has been happening the three weeks now. And it has potential to carry on for another nine.

First we started at Coles. He got about 20 cheese slices and a packet of Grain Waves (those grainy chips). I got a nudie drink. Nothing too strange about that

The next time, nothing in Coles appealed. We only had eight minutes to go to get food. So we headed to the Asian grocer (which I love to buy sauces and spices from, and let me preface this by saying I am very open minded with food and love trying all types) and set ourselves a challenge. To pick something we'd never eat unless we were hungry and only had eight minutes until the train arrived. This was the perfect time!

He got a salty nut mix with those fishy tasting crackers and roasted broad beans. And a orange and apple juice.

I got a packet of custard cakes (of which I ate one). It was this brand.


It tasted like an alcohol soaked cake filled with butter.

I also got some prawn chips which tasted like it was made of seafood extender. I found it funny that something artificially flavoured tasted like something else artificially flavoured.

To wash it down, I got a can of coconut drink. I usually love cold coconut juice with chunks of coconut, but this tasted like creamy water. Creamy water.

Tonight we did the challenge again.

Here are photos.

He got wasabi chips and a iced coffee.

My friend said I'd regret my choices.

I got dragonfruit drink which tasted a bit like creamy water again, but with pulp, and a little bit bubblegummy. It was sort of delicious. Sort of not.

I also got crispy seaweed. It claims to be 'delicious with good nutrients from the sea'.

It looks like a lot of grass clippings put through a paper making sieve.

I am all for adding kelp to soup, and I love nori on sushi handrolls.

Let's just say the crispy seaweed tasted like fish food. Hot and spicy fish food.

'It tastes like fish food'! I exclaimed on the train. And I laughed and laughed.


  1. Haaahahaahaaa

    Love it Carly!

  2. What a great challenge! I love it. Keep us updated on future train trips!

  3. Wasabi chips?! Ewwwwwwww. I love sushi but hate wasabi. It's fun to try new stuff though, just to see what it tastes like.

  4. I like wasabi cheese. But nothing else wasabi.

  5. I love culinary adventures, even if they end in disappointment or disaster. You're so brave!

    Have you ever tried wasabi peas? Those things are boss.

  6. LOL - Stick with the Nudie!! But I love the challenge tho.

  7. I love the seafood, Carly. It is honestly, one of my favourite snack foods.

    Craving it now.

    Fun post :-)

    SSG xxx

  8. How funny Carly - this made me laugh out loud - tastes like fish food!!!

  9. Hahahha what a great challenge! Your post made me laugh out loud to myself! Lucky noone is around. Hehe

  10. I love it!
    Great to see people trying new things - I know too many people that would never even do something like this and it is just food!!
    Even if you don't like it, at least you've tried it!
    Oh and in response to your comment on my blog
    If you go to etsy.com and type in Laptop decal there are HUNDREDS to choose from and so cheap too!!
    Really easy to apply too!

  11. I LOVE those crispy seaweed!!!



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