28 March 2010


Here is me last night at dinner at Aja in Albert Park.

The picture was taken with the Hipstamatic app for the iPhone.

I highly recommend Aja. It has great service, and its interior is lush.

Some friends were in Melbourne for Grand Prix duties and they took me out for dinner - Aja was their recommendation after I said that lamb cutlets was the food turned me from being a vegetarian for four years to eating meat again.

We shared:
- char-grilled lamb cutlets with bok choy,
- pork ribs with Asian pickles,
- grilled duck fillet with salad,
- whole steamed fish with, ginger, spring onions and chili
- steamed greens (broccolini, spinach, bok choy)
- black rice pudding and mango
- passionfruit brulee
- banana fritters

Such a great meal. All of the dishes were light and very tasty. I love the sweet-sour-salty taste of Asian food.

It was lovely to see these friends who I've known for many years.


  1. Sounds completely delicious Carly... one to note - thank you.

  2. Wow I have never been to Aja before!! It sounds so tempting!

    I really like steamed fish but it's so hard to find good ones!

  3. I cannot even believe how delicious those dishes sound. Do you think they deliver? It's really not THAT far. :)

    Left an award for you on our blog, Ruby sends many puppy kisses!

  4. Aja is one of my all time favorite Melbourne restaurants. I used to work over the road and perve on a guy that worked there all the time (out the window). I don't think he works there anymore. Damn.


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