20 March 2010

Garfield Comic Creator - not as good as the original...but it will do for now...

So I googled the Garfield comic strip game I used to play in hospital.

It was called Scholastic's Comic Book Maker featuring Garfield. You (I) can buy it on Amazon!!! Is this not the most exciting piece of news you've heard all day?!?

I did some more googling and found this website that has a technically superior version of the program I used as a kid, but the options are far from the vast range I remember the program had. I remember I could add a lot more props, and many different scenes to my comic strip. I would add lasagne and outdoor scenes and funny props. But this poor=man's version is limiting my imagination.

Here's what I made tonight.

I need to investigate and play further. I need to.


  1. That's so cute Babe!

    I spent a lot of time in the Childrens as a kid too. I played a LOT of pool!

    I gave you an Award! Come and get it Honey!


  2. i love the garfield. strip. its so cute.
    i might make one for my fiance.

    if you liked the ethiopian you should try cafe lalibela in footscray!
    its really good.
    i haven't been to the one you went to but i might try this one too!

  3. eeee I love garfield. I especially loved Nermal the grey kittycat who made garfield feel inferior - lol! Hope that you had a great weekend!


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