04 January 2011

And the boys go on and on.

It's not usually my thing to just post a heap of pictures from other websites on my blog just as inspiration. I find those type of blogs boring, especially when it's just mass pictures of fashion.

If ever I do this, there's usually slabs of text in between the pictures or a reason why I have posted the pictures - like making reference to a person. But today I am going to post a heap of pictures from other websites as inspiration. Or eye candy. Think of it as a community service.

Lizey Lou's regular blog posts featuring famous hot men always makes me smile. So today I am inspired by her. I saw the first picture I've listed on her blog.

No apologies for solely focusing on looks, either. I am sure they probably all have beautiful souls too. I know for a fact that seven of them do, because I've met them. I have marked the beautiful souls with an asterisk.

And the boys go on and on. I hope this gets you through your first day back at work!

Daniel Johns. Yes please. Perfect teeth.
Though I think he's also pretty hot here

Rob Thomas*. So I've only 'met' him from afar (he waved to me), but wow! I have a thing for his bulging eyes.

David Beckham. With this body, it's ok that not all his face is in the photo. I don't care for football. But apparently he's a good player. I wouldn't know. I'm too distracted by his...er...

Ben Cousins. He used to be a footballer. Again, I don't care for football. Or drugs. Just his eyes and smile. 

Scott Speedman. I was always a Ben Covington girl. Never batted an eyelash at Noel Crane.

Kevin Mitchell/Bob Evans*. This is a picture taken by a friend, and it features my arm.

Callan Mulvey*. That day was one of my favourites of 2010.

Angus Stone*. Beardless. Uh huh.

Sam Johnson*. That smile. And that voice. He did the couple pose with me. Squeee! Am I not the luckiest girl in the world?

Simon Baker. He was also hot when he was Simon Denny.

Caleb Followill. I love scruffy.

Darren Hayes*. The man looks hot in a suit.

Hamish Blake*. His smile makes me go dizzy.

Heath Ledger. An amazing actor. A beautiful face. Such a tragic loss.

Jake Gyllenhaal. I only just discovered him in Love and Other Drugs. Woah. Can I get those undiscovered years back???

Sam Worthington. Scruffy. Blokey. Ocker. Hot.

Ok, so now that I've gratuitously perved, and probably treated these poor men like meat, I'll move onto more serious matters.

Who do you think should have made my pictorial list?


  1. James Franco! Sighhh. Enjoy some pics.



    This is the first year I'm going to watch the entirety of the Oscars because he's hosting it and I must swoon.

  2. Hi
    You know what man I loove ....
    DANIEL PAUL JOHNS...he is soooooo HOTTTT...

    Was I 14 enough for you,bye

  3. Now that is a post that makes this girl smile!!! So many beautiful boys I cant even begin to choose a favourite. Love it Carly ... thank you!!

  4. Angus Stone! *sigh* I always knew there was a gorgeous face under all that hair...

    In High School I had a picture of Becks on the back of my Art Diary and everyone made fun of me! :(

  5. where did you find beardless Angus Stone(wow!)? :O <3 haha Jake Gyllenhaal was the main reason I watched and liked love and other drugs :P
    you didn't/don't like Scott Foley?! :(
    Kevin Evans :)

  6. Carly, im a bit late with my comment but i just wanted to add Joe Manganiello. True Blood viewers will know him as Alcide and god is he hot hot hot. Thanks for letting me share, Belinda :)


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