21 January 2011

Call for contributors to a new food blog!

(Raspberry and fig bread topped with strawberries, passionfruit and marscapone from Three Bags Full)

So my fellow blogger turned real life friend (and colleague) Jentopia and I have discussed starting a separate food blog for a few months now. We both like to eat and love to find new places to eat at.

We will both contribute, and are calling for co-contributors to the food blog.

Our food blog is planned to have both restaurant/cafe reviews as well as recipes for home cooked meals. But the point of difference (maybe - our idea's probably been taken because the internet is so big) will be that once every two months or so, the contributors will meet up for dinner. Kind of like online to offline socialising. We think it will be a great way to meet new friends!

So if you are a Melbournite (or even from elsewhere) and would like to contribute to our food blog, please let us know! We are seeking your ideas - including blog names and layout.

Hope to hear from you :)


  1. This is such a great idea, especially the meeting up once a month. I wish I was living in Melbourne! Can't wait to read all about it.

  2. Hi girl.
    Great idea:)
    Good luck with your joint project...
    I will be reading...


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