17 January 2011

Can Savage Garden reform for Sound Relief 2?

The clean up after Queensland's floods will take years. And don't forget Victoria's floods. There has been such amazing support from Australians - on Saturday, an army of volunteers came together to begin the enormous clean up in Queensland. Strangers are helping each other salvage what's left of their houses and possessions.

The purpose of social networking sites is becoming apparent - they are mobilising people - enabling people to both offer and call for assistance. We are seeing pictures and stories first hand from people affected. Brisbane radio presenter Meshel Laurie is doing a great job on Twitter, spreading messages about flood warnings, and highlighting where volunteers and assistance is needed. Help Your Mates is an online message board set up for flood victims to post what they need, and for good samaritans to post what they can give. A Facebook page has been created to reunite people and their pets. My own workplace is supporting affected staff and clients, and raising money for the community. It's quite remarkable to see. It makes me really proud to be an Australian.

One fundraising event in the pipeline is Sound Relief 2. In a similar vein to Sound Relief in 2009 which raised money for the Black Saturday bushfires and QLD floods, bands will come together to play a concert to support Australians affected by the natural disasters. Promoters Michael Gudinski and Michael Chugg are in the planning stages of the Sound Relief 2 concert. There's been talk of a date being penciled in for March, when Eddie Vedder, Usher and Kings of Leon will be in Australia. Brisbane bands, Powderfinger and Savage Garden have also been pressured to reform for the concert.

Powderfinger: Recently retired Aussie rockers. Savage Garden: mid 90s - early 00s pop duo with hits including Truly Madly Deeply and To the Moon and Back.

I've seen a few news articles and snippets about Savage Garden being on the Sound Relief 2 wishlist. And my excitement levels have increased 100 million times at the thought of their reformation! I don't want to trivialise the natural disaster situations in Australia. But this is something I've longed for since they broke up in 2001.

I really think Savage Garden should reform (and not just because they are my favourite band ever!) to support Australians suffering after the floods. Both Brisbane boys, the reuniting of Darren Hayes and Daniel Jones could raise some serious money and awareness for the cause.

Music mobilises people to come together to support a charity or a cause. And charity or causes often mobilises bands. Australian icons Midnight Oil, Hunters and Collectors and Split Enz reformed for the 2009 Sound Relief concert. I was there to see them - these were bands I thought I'd never see in my lifetime. The concert was both a privilege and a great cause. It raised over $7 million for bushfire and flood survivors.

Darren has already encouraged his fans to donate to the QLD Premier's flood appeal if they can afford to. He does a lot to support causes, particularly in the gay community, most recently the It Gets Better initiative. I am even sure he'd do a solo performance to help out the flood relief appeal.

I understand the cost of them traveling to Australia for a one off concert would be huge. Maybe they could do a video link up or something, to save on costs?

I don't want to pressure Darren and Daniel into anything. (Ok, I do, just a little.) In the past, both Darren and Daniel have said there is no chance of a reformation. This was in a 2007 newspaper article about Darren Hayes:
Just don't reminisce about his old muso mate, Daniel Jones.

When asked whether the pair might ever consider a Spice Girls-style reunion the response was abrupt.

"No, never," he says curtly. "I once said I'd only do it if it cured cancer. And that's still how I feel."

Darren Hayes, tweeted on Saturday: "I just know that something good is gonna happen."

Could this be a sign? I hope so.

Could the Queensland floods be the thing that reunites Savage Garden? It would be appropriate and timely for them to reform. Even if it's for one concert only. Queensland is their home state. Savage Garden were an internationally successful act - they have many fans across the world. If they did reform, international fans may come to Australia to see them live. This will not only raise money for the flood relief appeal, but boost Australia's economy through tourism.
Darren Hayes has a visible and interactive online presence. Daniel Jones not so much. So, Darren, if you read this, please consider reforming Savage Garden for Sound Relief 2. A concert won't solve everything. But it will raise some much needed funds to help the people of Queensland (and other flood affected states) rebuild their lives. And I'm sure you and Daniel Jones want to reunite be a part of that. Thank you.
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  1. They were really great together:)

    Have a great day Carly, and take care:)

  2. I have a lot of fun memories that include Savage garden .... how fun would it be if they got back together for this!!

  3. Carly, get excited because it is happening. !!!


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