31 January 2011

Behold the challenge: my 30 for 30 remix items

I am about to embark on a challenge of epic proportions. Not an exaggeration. Well, have you seen my wardrobe?? It is bordering on Mt Everest. Except, unlike Everest, it's not all in one place. And it is a bit of a bottomless pit (unlike my bank account).

My Mum bought me this book for Christmas.
Hint, hint, I think! It's a good read, and useful and the tips can be followed.
So in the spirit of thrift, decluttering and creativity, and frankly, literally peering through the great unknown (or forgotten), I am setting off on Kendi Everyday's 30 for 30 Remix Challenge!

Here are Kendi's rules:

1. Pick 30 items or less from your closet. Shoes are included, but accessories and jewelry are not.

2. Remix the 30 items into 30 different outfits.

That's it! Well not entirely so..

3. Don't shop for 30 days.

Here is what Kendi says about the rules:
Why in the world would I add insult to injury, you ask? Because of two reasons: 1) so you'll learn to shop your own closet and 2) so you'll appreciate it. So many times I've run out and bought a new dress for one event or I bought something because I felt lacking and not what was in my closet. Obviously, this is not the best solution to a problem. I have found that when I limit myself with shopping, with 30 items, I become so much more aware of what I have versus what I need. By the end of the 30 days, I am ready to shop, but with new eyes of what I really need.
Wise words indeed.

I have modified the rules to suit my special needs. That is, the regular black/grey/charcoal/striped longsleeved tees and leggings I wear don't count in my 30 items. They're the clothes I need to wear to keep me warm and protected.

So onto my challenge.

Firstly I studied Kendi's very funny 30 for 30 Remix Guide. I am taking this challenge very seriously (maybe I have no life, maybe I need blog content, maybe I love clothes a little too much). Then the challenge began:

  • I looked into my wardrobe(s). 
  • Rummaged (a lot). 
  • Became a little overwhelmed. 
  • Thought about what I wear most (dresses), and where I go the most (work). 
  • Considered what events are/may be happening in February (possible extremely hot weather, Sia concert, Baby Animals concert, drinks, bellydancing classes commence, likely event of sore skin). 
  • Tried on some clothes. 
  • Got frustrated with a zipper. 
  • I made three lists. 
  • Did some counting (difficult with my limited maths skills). 
  • Did some ironing. 
  • Took some photos (then the camera battery went flat). 
  • Charged camera battery.
  • Took some more photos.
  • Changed my mind about 30 times.
And here is what I came up with. 

I wanted to wear some favourites - the staple skirts, dresses and tops you've seen here. But more so, I wanted to wear things I don't often wear or have never worn before. Often I buy things and save them for best. This is not always great. My 'best' clothes hang in the wardrobe (never on the 'high rotation' pile on the bed), wishing they could come out and play too. I threw in two things I've never worn - one practical for the summer months, the other also practical for summer but so outlandish I just want to wear them for the experience! And there's one thing I wore a lot when I was first given it, but haven't done so for a while.

I could have just worn dresses. That would have been easy - 15 dresses plus shoes and jackets/cardis. But wearing separates, especially trousers, makes this challenge, well, challenging for me!

Another thing I noticed is the clothes I've chosen aren't in my usual hues - greys and purples. There is grey and there is purple in there. But there are other colours and patterns. A reader once challenged me (http://carlyfindlay.blogspot.com/2011/01/dedicated-follower-of-fashion-oh-yes.html) to clash patterns so I will use this remix to do so.

The clothes I'll be wearing for 30 days are:

Three cardigans - because even though it's a million degrees during an Australian summer, I will be cold more than hot.
Six tops -  mix of casual and corporate
Two skirts.
Five pairs of pants - jeans, black business pants, green linen pants, yoga pants, denim shorts and jeans.
A white linen shirt that will be ironed before wear.
Three jackets - my trusty pleather ruffled one, favourite cotton floral one, and mint green one that should get more wear.
 Two dresses - corporate and maxi.
 Five pairs of shoes. All pretty versatile.
These are the items I have challenged myself with. I love this vest - it was a gift from my South African relatives. It's well made. I don't wear it so much now, but know I can!
This is a bargain shirt I am yet to wear! $80 down to $10. I love the detail of the pleats. And the colours are versatile.
And these! My outrageous item! They are actually pyjama pants but they are so luxurious and pretty that I want to wear them out of the house. And I have the perfect opportunity to do so soon!
The remix challenge starts tomorrow. So wish me luck, and consider doing the challenge too! I will be posting all of my outfits as I go.


  1. Can't wait to see what happens over the course of 30 days Carly! Like I said in past comment I don't think this would be too hard for me, especially as I wear a uniform 10 days a fortnight. Then again... I love to put one thing on, take it off, put something on, change again etc, etc. I'm TERRIBLE at that! Good luck!!!

  2. Hi Carly...
    Great challenge, and I am looking forward to seeing whhat you come up with:)

    Good luck...

  3. That looks like a great challenge. I can't wait to see what sort of outfits you come up with from those thirty items.


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