08 January 2011

Have you voted in the 2011 Bloggies?

You can nominate your favourite blogs for the 2011 Weblog awards.

Hold on. Toast is confusing. I don't eat white bread. And toast is not like a radio at all. Non readers of this blog think Tune into Radio Carly is an actual radio show. I mean, why would they think that? So they don't read my blog, but ask where they can download the streaming of my radio show. Confusing. But the picture of toast asking for your votes is cute.

I digress.

You may want to consider nominating Tune into Radio Carly in one or more eligible categories. And if you do, thank you, thank you so much :)

2010 was an amazing year for me - I became a writer and TV presenter, received a media award, and this blog took off almost as fast as Angus and Julia's Big Jet Plane!
I'd be so happy to receive acknowledgment in these awards. It'd be a great start to 2011. My smile would be wider than in that picture of me!

I had fun nominating my favourite blogs - I hope whoever I voted for gets a winning place!

Have you cast your vote?

Tune into Radio Carly. It's a blog. Might be a radio show one day.

PS: News on the I'm gonna date Jake Gyllenhaal Project: according to Showbiz Spy (a close source, wit its telescopic lens), Jake Gyllenhaal Didn't Want Another High-Profile “Relationship”. If that's the case, he can settle down with a girl like me. Or Kirsti from Melbourne on my mind. She has loved Jake longer than my measly week and a bit. She probably deserves to wake up to this, the picture I've repeated several times in a fortnight.
Hell, if we find a large enough printer to print a life size, 6 foot, ripply muscled, cute smiling cut out of Mr G, we can ALL wake up to that.

Note how my blog post lived up to my blog's tagline: For all things completely irrelevant. Another reason to consider nominating me for a Bloggie ;)


  1. Hi Carly...
    Thanks for posting this...
    I have not heard about it...and will absolutely vote...
    But for who?

    Have a great day.

  2. I nominated you!
    I can't wait to get to the voting - should be fun.

  3. Never heard of this before!!! Good luck Carly, I'll vote for you now :)

  4. Oh, Miss Carly. You just totally made my Saturday morning... :)

    Now off to the Bloggies!!

  5. That picture keeps stopping my brain. I'm so glad you introduced it to me.


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