03 January 2011

Music I've been missing - Spiller ft Sophie Ellis Bextor - Groovejet (If this ain't love)

Sometimes I think about songs and just have to hear them immediately. Songs pop into my head, and I think, 'if that song was a person, I wonder what it'd be doing now?' Like this song. If this ain't love was the music I've been missing tonight. So I looked it up on YouTube.

If this song was a person, I bet she would be a supermodel, leggily gliding down the runway, in a gold silk pants suit with no bra underneath. She'd have on gold glitter eyeshadow and blood red lips. She'd wear sandals and her feet would be perfectly pedicured. And she'd return home to Milan on a private jet to be with her millionaire boyfriend. Yep, that's the kind of weird stuff I think about.

There's a comment on YouTube saying 'seriously youtube should delet the dislike botton cause this song can't be disliked'. Ok so the spelling is not good. But the sentiment screams HELL YEAH!

This is a timeless song for me. It's from 2000 but sounds better than so much of the pop on the radio today. I love the beats and the sounds of the plane.

Sophie Ellis Bextor's voice is lovely. So interesting. I loved her Read My Lips album too. I think I have it somewhere? If not, I must get it. She is very cool. And beautiful too. She makes me wish I could wear make up.

PS: I'm in holiday mode. Back to work Wednesday. Do you think I'm overdoing it on the blog posts? I try to do quality over quantity.


  1. Hi
    Hope you had a very nice christmas...
    I love this girl, a very good choice:)

    Have a great day.

  2. Steve and I like her stuff. Couldn't agree more on your comments, even if it made me giggle. True.

    ETA from Chris (lol) I am so bad at technology.


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