15 January 2011

Saturday bargains

I didn't do much today. My day comprised breakfasting with Jen, resting, sorting washing, researching for an upcoming interview, napping and a spot of shopping (only briefly as my legs can't carry me far).

I found a few bargains in Target. Temt tempted me too, but I thought I'd go quality over quantity.

The Stella McCartney for Target range is on its way out. I wasn't fussed by much of the range compared to last time. It was all a bit dramatic, and not practical for me.

I did buy this bangle though, which I wanted when the range first went on sale in October 2010. I couldn't justify the original price though. $30 for something similar to the stock at Diva. Today I paid $5. The below photo is actually Sydney Shop Girl's. My photo didn't turn out so well. Mine, like SSG's, was the last Love bangle in my local Target.
I prefer the Limited Editions range at Target to most of the Designers for Target (but I loved the Yeojin Bae range so much I bought most of the dresses when they went on sale). A lot of my workwear is from Target's Limited Editions. So it made me really happy to see a lot of it on sale today! I bought this dress for a steal at $30 (reduced from $80!).
I also bought these bikini bottoms. I will maybe - but most likely not - wear them with my (2009 Target) tankini top during camp. These too were cheap - $10 or something.
I had a burger at Grill'd (Melbourne's BEST burgers) and fell in love with the Jamie magazine. It was provided by Grill'd and I loved it so much I needed to buy my own. It's a really nice magazine with doable recipes and some backstories behind the recipes. I also bought my fave magazine, Shop til You Drop.
I could read them tonight, but instead I'll do some writing while enjoying a glass of moscato and this - a plate of strawberries salmon and cheese.
 Happy Saturday night, everyone!


  1. Sounds like bliss. Enjoy your Saturday night Carly. xo

  2. Salmon and bree yum. Ive never heard of Jamie magazine i must check it out. Enjoy your Sunday Carly.

  3. Hello Carly!

    Thanks so much for the link back to my post. You'll love the bangle.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  4. That looks really good...
    I am getting hungry now:)

    Have a great day, and stay safe Carly:)

  5. Jamie's magazine is really fantastic - well priced with heaps of great recipes and articles. I really like that guy - saw him live and he really does whip up great meals super fast.
    And working in printing I can't help but be impressed with the paper and the whole treatment of the pages in the magazine hahah

  6. My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

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