23 January 2011

Music I've been missing - iTunes shuffle

I got this iTunes shuffle from Bern Morley's blog. She says it's easy and a lazy thing to do on a blog in the summer months. Hell, I even got this picture from her blog. I am lazy as.
I always listen to music on my computer if I am not watching TV. Currently my iTunes is on shuffle, which is very rare because usually I select/make a playlist of the artist/s I want to listen to.

Anyhow, here's my iTunes shuffle.  It's like the music I've been missing. You can do one too.

Instructions: Put your ipod or media player on Shuffle. The the first fifteen songs that play must be written down, with a short explanation of what it means to you (if anything).

I preface this by saying not all the music I listen to is on my Macbook. I have many CDs, another computer full of music, plus my iPod which I am too scared to load onto my Macbook in case the content gets deleted. (Can someone please tell me how to safely do this?)

Hold on my Heart - Sarah Blasko
I bought As Day Follows Night after I saw Sarah Blasko in Albury last year. She's got an unusual voice. Lovely music to drift to sleep to. 

Tears of Pearls - Savage Garden
Of course a Savage Garden song would come up. There is about four hours worth of Darren Hayes and Savage Garden on my Macbook. Tears of Pearls was from their 1997 self titled album. It's so pop! 'We twist and turn where angels burn. Like fallen soldiers we will learn...' I don't recall this video at all... And I call myself a fan...

Time is Running Out - Muse
My favourite Muse song, the first I heard. I love the beat. The gasps. It's theatrical. It was awesome live last year. I have very fond memories of listening to this song.

Your Song - Elton John
So someone I know said they like Elton John and so I downloaded some of his music for conversational purposes. Yep, the things I do for love. Now I am listening to the lyrics, Your Song is not too bad.

We Won't Run - Sarah Blasko
Another track from As Day Follows Night.  We Won't Run is one of my favourites of Sarah Blasko's. It's got a nice beat. And nice lyrics. 'Let's not waste another minute of our lives...'

By My Side - INXS
I loved INXS in the Michael Hutchence days, except I got into their music after he died. I remember buying their album when I was about 17. By My Side is probably my favourite song of theirs after Never Tear Us Apart. I remember when Michael Hutchence died - I was making up my bed and Mum told me he'd died, a few months after Princess Di. His coffin was covered in purple flowers. It was so very sad. I recently posted this article on my Facebook and offended some INXS fans. I got a little nostalgic at the U2 concert when Bono dedicated Stuck in a Moment to Michael.

Big Love (live) - Fleetwood Mac
Fleetwood Mac is a band my Dad got me into. They are my favourite band from my parents' era. I remember in 1997, we would sit in front of the TV watching The Dance on VHS. I bought the CD for my Dad's birthday and was afraid that me doing so would bump Savage Garden off the top spot of the charts!

Rabbit Heart - Florence and the Machine
I love Florence's power songs. She is quite beautiful and reminds me of Cate from All cats are grey at night. Is this a religious song? The official video is very ornate.

Goodbye Mr A - The Hoosiers
I have never heard this song til now. Sometimes I see a recommendation for a song by someone whose music choice I respect. So I do a disrespectful thing and illegally download it. And I think this was the case with the Hoosiers. I believe Darren Hayes pointed me in the direction of The Hoosiers. Because that's the kind of power Mr Hayes has over me. Disclaimer: Darren Hayes did not encourage me to illegally download music. Goodbye Mr A is nice and upbeat. I may have to respectfully purchase more of The Hoosiers.

Outside of Me - Killing Heidi
I LOVED Killing Heidi when I was 17 - 19. They were from Violet Town, quite close to Albury. When I was in first year uni, I saw them play live in Albury, then met them at the record store where they signed my CDs. I had a huge crush on the drummer Adam Pedretti (left on picture below) and took a million photos of him. I even wrote a poem about him. No I will not share it with you.

Beauty on the Fire - Natalie Imbruglia
Oh Natalie Imbruglia. One of my girl crushes. I really liked her second album. And her first and third. I think she's underrated.

Family Portrait - P!nk
I have only become a fan of P!nk in recent times. 2007 was when I won tickets to her concert and I was blown away. I never much liked her old stuff, but I did like this song.

All the Colours - Angus and Julia Stone
This is Angus doing Julia's Wasted, reggae style. I love this particular concept of a cover version.

Trying to Throw Your Arms Around the World - U2
From my favourite album by U2, Achtung! Baby. Two mentions of Dali. 'A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle...'

Hands Clean - Alanis Morissette
So was this song also about Alanis's underage relationship with Joey from Full House, just like You Oughta Know? Though, as I mentioned, I didn't like much of her stuff after Jagged Little Pill, I liked this one. The lyrics are sad, hinting at advantage taken, and possibly pedophilia, written from the perspective of whoever she had a relationship with.

Ok, so now that is done, I realise it was much harder work than being lazy. Lucky this is a blog entry I've prepared earlier ;)


  1. Florence TOTALLY reminds me of Cate too! Hahahaha I thought I was the only one that thought that. She is stunning, such a gift of a voice.

  2. I loved loved loved Tears of Pearls as a kid, I remember dancing to it on repeat in my bedroom, such a dork!

  3. Oh man, I would've loved to see Savage Garden back then. That concert, especially the costumes, looks SO '90s! Great collection of songs:)

    PS, Thought you might find this last paragraph/story at the end of my most recent here kinda funny: http://maybein-anotherlife.blogspot.com/2011/01/flash-before-my-eyes.html


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