11 January 2011

Queensland floods

Another Australian summer, another devastating natural disaster. Mother nature is so destructive.

The Australian state Queensland is under water, with floods destroying homes, livestock and land.

There are reports of houses and cars floating away, and unknown lives lost. People have lost everything. People are missing. There is little communication from the affected areas. And there doesn't seem to be any respite. The state has been flooded since late December. Premier Anna Bligh said last night that 'the situation in Queensland is grim and desperate'

The news footage is heartbreaking, and certainly puts my life into perspective. I watched some horrific scenes on the news last night.

ABC news.

This on Channel 7 news.

If you are in Queensland, stay safe. If you know an elderly or disabled person affected by the floods and can help them to safety, please do so.

You can donate to the QLD Premier's flood appeal here.

For updates, visit qld.gov.au.


  1. I think you can also donate at the checkout of any Safeway supermarket (yes, they're technically Woolworths now. I refuse to believe it!!) - they had add the amount you want to donate to your bill.

    Why can Mother Nature never seem to find a happy medium in Australia??

  2. It really is so so sad... We've just been watching it all unfold on the news. I do hope the rain and flooding will stop soon... X

    You have frinds that care about you:)


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