16 January 2011

Dedicated follower of fashion (oh yes she is)

The weather is crazy. Five Australian states are flooded. 75 percent of Queensland is a disaster zone and one third of Victoria is flooded. You can donate to the QLD Premier's flood appeal here. And register to volunteer to clean up QLD.

Melbourne has been humid for a lot of the week. It's usually dry heat this time of the year. It was 96 percent humidity at times! I know there are so many more Australians suffering to a greater extent than me, so I don't want to complain. But the humidity and heat has made me so sore. My skin feels wet. And hard to move. And infected. It's not nice. On the upside, the humidity styled my curls well!

Alas, I have had to work out the best outfits that would keep me cool, warm and covered. And to dry out my legs at one stage. Complicated.

Thursday: work then meeting for camp later this week. As hot as it was, I had to wear opaque stockings to stop my legs from exposure to nasties. I don't know whether the stockings did the trick or not. Very sore.
 I was sore and a bit miserable. My photographer said I was very serious and strict.
Skirt from Target, top from Temt, tshirt from Sussan, shoes from Diana Ferrari, headband from Witchery, necklace from Etsy, red purse from Olga Berg and pink camera case by a French brand by a shop in Yarraville.

Friday: work. It rained buckets in the city. It was hot then cold then warmed up. It was so wet that I only had time for one photo, crammed into a small undercover space.
Dress and cardi from Temt, tshirt and bird necklace from Sussan, purple singlet from Giordano, bangles from Diva, borrowed umbrella (I always assume vaseline and curly hair will keep me dry - but my theory always fails!).

I had this for lunch: lamb, spinach, tomato and tzatziki pizza.
Friday night: dinner at Tom Phat.

I needed nude stockings to air my legs. I don't know if it did the trick as they were still sore at the end of the night.

I wore floral ruffle top from Temt, shorts by Mink Pink from Freez, tshirt and shoes from Myer, bag from Forever New, hairclip from Mimco, ring from Diva and necklace from Etsy.
I was excited demanded to be photographed in front of the Daryl Braithwaite poster. He is another old time Aussie rocker I love.And I laughed that his poster was next to a unicorn painting when my favourite song of his is Horses.

It's a pity the concert has already passed.

Saturday: breakfast with Jentopia (review to come).

It was lovely weather on Saturday - not hot and humid like it had been through the week. But my skin was still very sore so it was a good choice of outfit - soft and stretchy.
The dress is by Elly M and I bought it at quite a reduced price from a boutique I discovered in Albury at Christmas time. It has an interesting textured vest attached - scrunched satin.
Leggings from Target (I like their silver studs on the ankle), Witchery sunglasses free with a magazine, tshirt from Jeanswest, necklaces from Tiger Tree and Etsy, headband from Mimco, shoes from Diana Ferrari, bag from Forever New.
That's it. You are now up to date.

In other news, I am hoping my costume arrives from eBay in time for camp. How awesome is this!

I really want the chance to legitimately wear bear ears!


  1. I woke up to this post Carly, lying in bed your tweet came up on my Twitter and I clicked the link. What a great good morning!! It made me laugh - you smile in the face of fashion (and ichthyosis!!) adversity :) :) :) and the ears at the end made me squeal with delight! We should have a teddy bears picnic, me in my Hello Kitty ears you in your panda ears hahaaha. I'm guessing 'camp' is a CHiPS thing? How is that going? xox

  2. Lovely outfits Carly, my fav is the white dress and leggings combo :)


  3. Jewel tones look great one you! Especially when you wear black tights and t-shirts underneath. The first outfit looks very "office to bar" ready.

    Have you ever tried layering prints? I was thinking that because a) you have to wear a lot of layers b) I've noticed you've got a thing for printed maxi dresses c) you've got a tight relationship with fashion, you'd be up for a sort of fashion request/challenge?



  4. Dear Ms Carly, Those bear ears are killer! I think I need a pair too. The very first album I ever bought had Daryl in it - it was Howzat by Sherbet and cost $6.99 - I was an infant at the time. My step-dad still has it with his LPs. I think the Horses is a great song. I love seeing how you put outfits together - the maxi dress is particularly lovely. I am sorry to hear that your legs are so painful. I am crossing my fingers for cooler weather for you. Does air conditioning help? love Linda

  5. Another vote for the white dress and black leggings.... and the bear ear hat.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  6. Thanks for following my blog :)... I actually read your blog all the time and love it! You seem like such a genuine, beautiful person.
    Love your maxi dress :) Mmmm pizza. Yum.
    Hannah x

  7. Dear Carly, i love the long dress, so pretty, you carry it off perfectly, you have great taste, also the bear ears, so cute! I have given you a Stylish Blogger award, but I am sure you have had one already! Details on my blog. Hope the weather cools down for you soon xx

  8. I am sorry to hear that the humidity is making things harder for you, it is the most frustrating of weather conditions! (Well, here, I've never lived in the snow) You still look fabulous!! I am loving the cool breeze today, hopefully it will continue and I can come and catch up with you soon :) xx

  9. Carly, lovely! Sorry to hear that you're so uncomfortable - how horrid! However those bear ears are fabulous and i can't wait to see you in them - too cute!


  10. And tanks for your lovely comments :) I always marvel at how supportive my blog readers are!

    WB - I ave given the fashion challenge thought, and I want to do it! Yes!

  11. Hi Carly! I thought I posted yesterday but I must have pressed the wrong button somehow.

    I love the temt dress, and I really admire how you still smile despite having to layer in the heat. As someone who feels the heat, I think you are really something to be able to wear leggings in summer with such good grace xx


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