18 January 2011

Yes sir! Yes sir! Breaky at Three Bags Full.

It's become a bit of a tradition that Jentopia and I meet up for breakfast. I think breakfast is my favourite meal to go out for. Breakfast out is generally a hearty and delicious meal, and it leaves the rest of the day free to do stuff, or nap. Whichever you choose. This photo was sensibly taken before I got a fat tummy or spilt something on me.

Jen chose Saturday's cafe: Three Bags Full in Nicholson Street, Abbotsford. She's been there after cycling and recommended it.

It's a large brick building - a converted hat factory, situated just out of the city away from the hustle ad bustle. It's family friendly - a hub for families (some with kids that were too screamy) and also dog lovers.
I am so glad she suggested it. Similar to another favourite breakfast haunt of mine, The Auction Rooms, Three Bags Full has a warehouse feel with modern rustic style. Beautiful wallpaper, feature lights and pretty flowers. Recycled objects as furniture and fittings. This review shows some of the quirky furniture. I loved it.

The counter is full of yummy baked goods.

Jen hoped that something 'outrageous' would happen for me to blog about. Things weren't very outrageous until I ordered this drink.
Freshly squeezed pineapple, apple, strawberry and mint juice. Jen and I had moved from a communal table to a smaller table for just the two of us. The waiter brought out my drink, but gave it to the girl seated in our previous seats. We don't think she even ordered it. Nevertheless, she took a sip of it. Her friend and both of us realised it wasn't her drink before she did! And that was the outrageous event of the morning.

The breakfast menu is full of eggs done various ways, corn and pea fritters, porridgey muesli delights, salmon and bacon. Sorry for my lack of detail but my eyes were drawn to only one particular thing on the menu. Fig and raspberry bread with marscapone, passionfruit and strawberries.
The strawberry and passionfruit sauce was sweet and tangy. The fig and raspberry bread was deliciously cakey. The marscapone was generously lathered.
It was on par with the French toast I had at The Auction Rooms. Superb. Jen and I discussed how fruit toast and banana bread is often just cake termed with a healthier name of food. Whatever, it was so damn good!
Jen had the bircher muesli - she has become a connossieur of bircher muesli and rated this one highly. It had apple, yoghurt, almonds on top. It looked yummy!

While Three Bags Full is not on my side of town, I'll definitely return. The interesting breakfast menu has left me wanting more.


  1. Yayayayayayaa it's a gorgeous little spot but V V packed on weekends. Better to hit it during the week I think. The Fig and Raspberry Bread looks delectable. I always seem to order egg kind of things when I'm out for breakfast - savoury not sweet. Yum yum!!

  2. How much thought did you give to headline?Very Creative !!!

  3. Breakfast is without a doubt my fave meal of the day to go out for, that looks so deliciou. Loving your outfit! xx

  4. Oh, that looks delicious! Strawberry and marscapone is one of my favourite combinations.

    Just letting you know that I've nominated you for the Stylish Blogger Award! Details here: http://strangelyincoherentloveletters.wordpress.com/2011/01/18/stylish-blogger-awards-seven-lengthy-items/


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