28 January 2011

A floordrobe of outfits + a challenge in thrift and creativity

You've probably been losing sleep wondering what I've been wearing lately. I know. So have I. I lose sleep thinking if only I could dress as cool as you.

Monday. It seems so long ago. I was going to wear this dress on Thursday (yesterday) and realised I better not wear the same thing twice in three days. Oh the faux pas. A friend at work has the same dress that I do (blue and white floral from Target) and we text each other to say we're wearing it. To avoid the uniform look.
The dress is from Dangerfield, cardi is Cotton On, shoes are Diana Ferrari, hair clip is Mimco and purse is Olga Berg. I LOVE this dress by the way.

I wore this to my Australia Day Award presentation.  I call it chainstore corporate dressy.
Dress from Target Limited Editions, cardi from Diana Ferrari factory outlet, hairclip from Mimco, shoes from Wittner, braclet was a present from my parents, ring from Diva and necklace from Tiffany. I LOVE this dress too. 
That is the trench I bought to wear to the ball. I like it, it's corporate glamour, but (I don't want to be a blogger that brags/whines about her size) the size 10 is a little big - could have gone an 8.

Next up was an outfit I wore to work sometime way back last week, before ChIPS camp. I like the dress but it's satin and makes me feel a bit sore after a workday of wearing it.
Dress from Target City Dressing, cardi by Cotton On, shoes from Diana Ferrari, headband probably from Witchery (can't see it), necklace FOUND during decluttering!

I wore this to dinner with Kristy last week. I tried to channel Cate's gorgeous layering style, but my dress felt too Marge Simpson. The dress is an odd length.
Striped dress from some cheapy store, purple floaty top from Jeanswest, longsleeved tee from Sussan, bangle and long necklace from Diva, shoes from Diana Ferrari, Mimco headband, short bunny necklace from Oh Deer.
This is my camp costume that you've seen before. Ok, so it's not a true costume, and not much effort went in compared to some others (penguin, dalmations, giraffe!!).

Jumper from All About Eve, denim shorts from Sussan, panda hat from Ebay.

This is Thursday's outfit. Thursday as in yesterday. My days, and the chronology of this blog entry, are all over the shop.
My cardi is from Valley Girl, dress is Temt, necklace was a gift from grandparents, headband is Mimco, shoes are Diana Ferrari, purse is Olga Berg and iPhone is by Apple.

And this is what I wore to Steve Poltz. I like the mix of dressy and casual. I didn't like how restrictive my top was though. My boobs felt like they were in a compartment of their own. Not enough hanging space.
I'm wearing jeans from Sussan, shoes from Diana Ferrari, lace top from Stella McCartney at Target (bargain - $29 reduced from $149!!), longsleeved tee from Sussan, ring from Diva, necklace from Tiffany and jacket from Target. I actually have two of the same longsleeved Sussan tees in case you think I don't wash my clothes.

In other news I have also signed up to Kendi Everyday's 30 for 30 remix beginning 1 February.

It's in the spirit of saving and being creative with what I already have.

Eeek. I think it may be very challenging for me. Not sure why I've announced it given that I could fail it.

The premise is to only wear 30 pieces of clothing and shoes in 30 days, making a different outfit each time. And not buy any fashion items during this time. You can wear different accessories though.

Have you got any tips for me based on the clothes you've seen me in?

It's a given that I'm not going to count the endless black and grey longsleeved tees and leggings that I wear, because they are a necessity under my clothes. But I'm thinking around six-seven dresses, a few skirts, one pair of trousers, one pair of jeans, a number of pretty tops and tees, two jackets, and three pairs of shoes...

I think I can do it. I bought Kendi's 30x30 Remix Guide to study up.

Your suggestions are welcome!

PS: Mum, if you're reading this, my floordrobe has gone!!!


  1. Can't wait for your 30 for 30, Carly. And I love that Dangerfield dress, so flattering with that waist (your waist, of course!)

    Off to stare at Kendi. Oh I wish I were her. hehe

  2. I think if you can survive this challenge, then you're next challenge could be op shopping for work outfits!

  3. Hi girl...
    Always love to see you in a dress girl...

    Have a great Friday:)

  4. Gorgeous outfits! I love the panda costume xx

  5. LOVE the cheapy shoppe striped dress!

    Good luck with the 30:30 challenge... I think I could do it! I have such a limited wardrobe because I tend to cull and give things to the Salvo's ever 6 months or so!


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