04 January 2011

And the boys go on and on. Part 2 by popular demand.

It seems my community service this morning was welcomed.

Some feedback: 'That was awesome Carly I feel ready to tackle the world today... Thanks for the day early- I reckon you've got me through!'

Two friends via Facebook suggested Johnny Depp. Good thinking. Thank you!

Amy Antlers directed me to James Franco. He is hosting the Oscars this year. He's not bad!

Girl about Oslo let her inner 14 year old shine and wanted MORE Daniel Johns. I won't say no.

And seeing it's my first day back at work tomorrow I need a repeat dose of Jake Gyllenhaal to make me sleep well tonight. It's this milkshake that's bringing all the readers to the yard - ie my blog (1300+ on Sunday, 1100+ on Monday and almost 1000 so far today!). Swoon.

Community service announcement over. No further words needed.


  1. Not sure these posts are congruent with the body image episode of No Limits the other day, but with way over 1000 hits a day, who cares?!

    From strength to strength!


  2. It's all a bit tongue in cheek Carl.
    As I wrote: No apologies for solely focusing on looks, either. I am sure they probably all have beautiful souls too. I know for a fact that seven of them do, because I've met them. I have marked the beautiful souls with an asterisk.
    I perve just like anyone else. But I am also aware of the need for positive body image depiction and discussion, and I think I do this more often than not.

  3. Thanks for sharing more drool worthy pics!

    I developed a Crush on Kino Kranjcar during the 06 World Cup, and was devastated when Croatia didn’t make it to the 2010 WC… He’s just GORGEOUS!


  4. I dont know if he's to your taste but Charlie Simpson is so ridiculously good looking it hurts.


    That jaw line! *Swoon*

  5. Mmmm, Gyllenhaal... ;) My best friend got me a magazine subscription for Christmas, and I found out today when the first issue arrived that she listed my name as Mrs Gyllenhaal. I didn't stop laughing for the longest time.

    I'm also a massive fan of Jensen Ackles from Supernatural :)

  6. Thanks girls! I will google shortly!

    K - how funny about Mrs Gyllenhaal!! I used to receive envelopes from a penpal addressed to Mrs Carly Hayes!

    I know I have some sort of social responsibility now I'm a blogger, writer and TV presenter writing and speaking about disability issues. But perving on hot boys is something I actually do in real life, and just like other things I've written/spoken about on my blog and elsewhere, I'm not going to hide it. I'll write/talk about these things humourously and responsibly. Hell, I suggested that Hamish Blake may like to contact me if he's single during my radio interview (pity Hamish and Andy were on air on another station at the same time! - someone send him the podcast.)

  7. Niko Kranjcar - WOAH. That smile. I am a sucker for beautiful smiles.
    Thank you MG :)

  8. Teacup Grunge: Charlie Simpson is hot. Also a sucker for a boy in a beanie. Yes please!

  9. Hey, don't read too much into that comment of mine, I too was tongue in cheek. It's hard to joke via text on the internet! Perve away, I can't say that I don't! (Though not usually on boys!) Maybe I'm just jealous I don't look like any of them!

  10. Hi Carly...
    Thanks for the shout out!:)
    Seriously thanks:)

    I love Daniel:)I could eat Daniel, or just kiss him for a very long time:)
    I think the thing that attracts me is the tattoos, the love for animals, his veggie ways. And that he simply seems like a VERY nice, and talented boy:)
    And once again I am 14:)
    Thanks Carly...


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