11 June 2010

I went to the hairdresser and didn't hate it!

I haven't blogged for ages, I know. So much has been happening, but nothing really worthy of going into detail about. I've gone to work, done volunteer work, been to see Sex and the City 2 (more about that soon), been to dermatology clinic, eaten dumplings and drank wine with friends.

Today is the start of my five day weekend. I went to the doctor to get some forms filled out, had my tyres checked, bought some tracksuit pants, took my car through the carwash. Yep, mundane. But nice to catch up on things I don't get to do on workdays. I patted three guide dog puppies in training. Adorable! They were so cute, and gave me lots of licks. I loved patting them as much as they loved being fussed over. They made me nostalgic over Toby and Jazz, but I felt so much better for stopping to talk to the volunteer puppy walkers and having a pat.

I also got a haircut. My hair has grown surprisingly quickly since my haircut on the March long weekend. As I've mentioned I've struggled finding a great hairdresser. Since that blog entry, I have made contact with a few hairdressers that sound compassionate and understanding about my condition, but honestly, I need to save up to afford to go to them.

Today I went to one in my local shopping mall. I have been there a few times, and they've been fairly satisfactory. But today's experience blew me away. I was there for an hour, and I didn't hate it! It was a relaxing experience where I didn't grit my teeth or have to tell the hairdresser they wouldn't catch ichthyosis. I also enjoyed sitting reading fashion mags and watching Triple J's hottest 100 (2008/2009) on DVD in the salon.

I had the world's nicest hairdresser. She told me how she works in the salon two days a week and the other two days, she visits the elderly to cut their hair and nails and donates her wages to charity. She told me that she recently gave a haircut to a man who hadn't had his hair cut for 40 years. She was the only hairdresser who would cut his matted, tough hair. The man was so happy to have his hair cut, and it was literally a weight off his head.

She was so gentle with cutting my hair and I felt comfortable asking her to recommend some colour highlights (foils that didn't touch my scalp). She did the highlights and they look fantastic. She recommended three shades lighter than my natural colour. My natural colour is a very dark brown, almost black. The highlights are a warm copper. I told this hairdresser I want her to cut my hair from now on. And she's agreed, giving me her card. Yay! I walked out there grinning so much that if I wore lipstick, it would be on my ears.

This is me with my new cut and colour. You can't see the highlights or the fantastic rounded shape, but I hope to take a few more pictures on the weekend that catch my hair glowing.

I am channeling Faux Fuschia and copying Sydney Shop Girl (she has the exact same jacket) in my new Target faux-fur jacklet (it's a bolero style, so I call it a 'jacklet').

Yesterday I wore it the jacklet with a lady-like woolen caramel coloured pencil skirt and a silky black top tucked in, and today I wore it with the same silky top and jeans. So many people have complimented me these past two days I've worn it and they want to pat my jacklet like I want to pat a guide dog puppy.


  1. I love the hair and I love that jacket :-)

    Have lovely 5 day weekend!

    You deserve it.

    SSG xxx

  2. You look fabulous! Might have to pop down to Target and buy me that jacket!! Caitlin x

  3. You lucky girl! It can be so hard to find a good hairdresser. It looks great!

    Have a great weekend, Carly.

  4. Carly I remember your previous post and I am really glad you found a great, considerate hairdresser. The cut looks great on you and I can tell by your smile that you love it!!

  5. What a gorgeous haircut! You look fab. Love the jacket a la fuschia/sydneyshopgirl.

    Am glad you found such a lovely hairdresser! They're so rare to find! xx

  6. Last night when I was waiting for Hamish to finish work I spent some time catching up on your blog, loving the music memories at the moment and your new articles for diVine!!! I'm SO happy you had a good hairdressing experience, she sounds like an amazing hairdresser. I hope we can catch up soon lady. xo

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