24 June 2010

Korbee Jones

So I see Daniel Jones from Savage Garden has a new band after years of behind the scenes music work.

The band is called Korbee Jones.

It's hard to get a feel of the sound (is that a contradiction??) based on one listen of the audio clips. I can hear auto-tune. One song sounds like that Fireflies song from earlier this year. While I know a new band can never replace the magic of Savage Garden, I hope to hear more from them to form a more educated opinion.

This is very exciting for me. While I am a fan of Darren Hayes' solo career, it's been hard to follow Daniel Jones' because he's been producing and songwriting for other people.

I still remember the day the Savage Garden split was announced - 5 October 2001. As I tweeted to Todd earlier today, 'I don't understand politics, but your emotions re Rudd can be likened to mine the time I heard Savage Garden had split up'.

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  1. Hi Carly,

    Tom Korbee here from Korbee Jones. Thanks for checking out our site... we are still working on the album. yes, you did hear some auto-tune--but it's just for fun, so don't worry. we are making real music. Hope you will be able to hear more as the project progresses.
    take care



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