11 June 2010

Sex and the City 2 movie = yawn, Sex and the City fashions = :)

Last Tuesday night I went to see Sex and the City two with three girlfriends and one guy friend. (I summarised Sex and the City to my guy friend as 'Four ageing/airbrushed women on the prowl, wearing designer clothes except when they're having sex'.)

I have nothing to say about Sex and the City 2 except I think it was the most unnecessary movie ever. The plot was vacuous, the acting wooden, and in many parts it was culturally offensive. I think Sarah Jessica and friends should have stopped on a good thing. At the end of season 6.

The ONLY positives I found in the movie was that Carrie did not wear a beige bra as outerwear (I think she's read this blog and heeded my comments about that issue) and some of the fashions were amazing.

I'd prefer to use this blog entry to concentrate on the Sex and the City (movies 1 and 2) fashions that I love. I adore Carrie's style the most (but I did see something on Charlotte that I'd wear myself, perhaps in purple or grey though). I like how she does classic and timeless with frivolous and whimsical. (Click on pictures for sources.)

I love, love, LOVE this green clashing print ensemble Carrie wears in the SATC1.

And here's an example of Carrie doing timeless with frivolous.

When I saw Carrie in this dress, I wanted it. Apparently it's available to buy, it's by a brand called Halston Heritage.

This is my other favourite style from the SATC2 movie.

This is Sarah Jessica Parker on the red carpet premiere of SATC2 in Tokyo. More pics of this beautiful Vivienne Westwood dress can be found here.


  1. Great clothes! I love Carrie's style too, and agree that they should have left the gals at the end of Season 6 on a high note lol.

    SJP is the creative director (or some similar title) for Halston now, so that explains why she's wearing Halston Heritage :)

  2. I also liked most of the clothes, although wearing high fashion to a market seemed over the top, even for SATC! And the less said about the outfits on their day riding camels the better!


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