11 June 2010

Music I've been missing – Lily Allen + Bob Evans

As I was driving to the shopping mall today, Lily Allen came on the radio. And though she's a singer from recent times, I realised, it's her music I've been missing.

I like a few Lily Allen songs and own both her albums. I first heard her song LDN on Triple J in 2006, but have preferred her more recent songs from It's Not Me It's You. I wouldn't call myself a huge fan of hers, but I admit to enjoying and singing along with her songs on the radio.

I like how she's a bit cheeky and her lyrics are so direct.

I didn't like how radio turned her song Fuck You into circus music.

The song I heard today was The Fear. The Fear is my favourite Lily Allen song. I like how it's a piss take about wanting fame and prioritising beauty and image over worldly issues.

'And that's what makes my life so fucking fantastic' is the line I like the best.

I have admired her style of recent times as well. Especially the lady-like outfits, sans sneakers. I think she's one of my girl crushes. She is stunning, and this new style has certainly brought out the best in her. (Click on images for sources.)

I adore the dusky pinks on her.


Interestingly, the other Lily Allen song that I rate highly is Not Fair. But covered by one of my all time favourite singer/songwriters Bob Evans (Kevin Mitchell). I do believe it surpasses the original version.

I saw him play this live a few times, and I was lucky enough to get the prompting notes (featuring the Not Fair lyrics) and his set list from the Corner Hotel gig in May 2009.

Like Lily, he injects a bit of cheek into this song. It's got a country twang to it, similar to the country style of Lily's video clip.

I love how Bob Evans sings the original lyrics, and doesn't change the reference from 'him' to 'her' to suit a heterosexual male singer. My year 12 English lessons have taught me he may sing it with some irony. It amuses me that he sings the lyrics so straight, without managing to laugh.

How awesome is this version!


  1. Love Lily... And my favourite song is Not Fair... Think she looks wonderful in those pale nude pink colours too. Have a great long weekend Carly. x

  2. I love Bevan's cover of this song. It's on Triple J's Like A Version CD, there's some really good covers on there

  3. Hi Carly, thanks for such an interesting post, I like that Lily Allen song too, I love the line " I am a weapon of mass consumption" I like her lyrics, I think they are clever but Mr B finds her annoying with her mockney accent.. Mr B prefers dingy American indie pop ladies singing about trees...Bx

  4. Carly,
    The Fear is my favourite Lily song!

    I like her videos too. They run on the ironic side of glam pop videos.

    Great post.

    SSG xxx

  5. Lily's fantastic! I went to her melbs concert last year. My favourite line of The Fear is "I want loads of clothes, and fuck loads of diamonds" All her songs are good!

  6. So glad everyone else here shares my sentiments about Lily's music and fashion :)

    Bec - love that you're a Bevans fan. He is brilliant.

    MMBB - thanks for following my blog!


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