06 June 2010

Music I've been missing - Dave Grohl, Tiny Dancer

Like with Nirvana, I am a late-comer to the Foo Fighters. Dave Grohl is the constant there, I know. I think, back in the late 80s and 90s, I was a bit of a goody-two-shoes when it came to music. It's like I didn't want to listen to anything that may have been considered too offensive, or maybe that my parents wouldn't approve of. I played it safe. This meant I overlooked a whole heaps of great bands.

I read a Kurt Cobain biography in 2001. 10 years after Nevermind was released. It was then I decided to listen to some Nirvana. Well, more than just About a Girl. I grew a fascination with all things Kurt and now have all the albums, singles and about five biographies.

I am not sure when I started to like the Foo Fighters. Maybe when The Best of You was released? I regret not being aware of their music at the time Learn to Fly, Next Year, Everlong and Walking After You were released. These are all great songs and I love listening to them now.

I downloaded a heap of Foo Fighters songs about four years ago. This song was one of them.

Dave Grohl covering Elton John' Tiny Dancer. That very specific song is the music I've been missing.

I thought of this song today when I saw a movie trailer to some 3D dance movie. A crummy remix of Tiny Dancer was playing. I like the the Tori Amos and Ben Folds covers of Tiny Dancer, but the Dave Grohl version is by far my favourite. (I actually love a heap of song covers more than the original, and might just tell you about them someday.)

I first heard Tiny Dancer about 30 years too late, when I watched Almost Famous in 2000. I am so glad I heard it, because the lyrics are beautiful.

I love, love, LOVE the movie Almost Famous, and often dreamed of being a music journalist like William Miller. I think it's a movie that every wannabe rockstar or music journalist or 'band-aid' can relate to.

This scene with Stillwater, William Miller and Penny Lane on the bus is amazing.

I love Penny Lane's line 'you are home'. William was in his element singing on that bus with the band he admired and the girl he loved.

Dave Grohl's version takes me back to this wonderful movie. I enjoy the way he recounts the scenes in Almost Famous. He definitely 'recreates that magic' that he speaks of.

I think Dave Grohl's Tiny Dancer is amazing. Sigh.

What song covers do you enjoy, even more than the original?


  1. I could have written this post!!! Get out of my head!

    I love the Foo FIghters, and got into them in about 1999 when my first boyfriend bought me 'the colour and the shape' because he thought I'd like it. Up until I was about in year 9/10 my parents didn't want me listening to music with 'explicit language' stickers on it so I missed Nirvana too. In fact the very first CD they let me get with the sticker on it was The Living End's first album!

    Anyway, I love the fooies. Their old stuff is definitely better than their new stuff. Dave rocks.

    Have you checked out their first album? There are some great songs on it like 'this is a call', 'big me' and 'for all the cows'. 'Big me' is great.

    Yes, the tiny dancer cover is awesome too. The fooies have got some great acoustic versions of their songs out there, everlong, for all the cows, times like these.

    Songs that are better as covers? Sarah Blasko's cover of Flame Trees is gorgeous, and I guess I would listen to it more than the original....

  2. Wonderwall by Ryan Adams (Covering oasis)
    Champagne Supernova by Matt Pond PA (Covering oasis)
    Float on by Goldspot (covering Modest Mouse)

    Phew...I'm sure I'll think of more!

  3. Carly, that scene in Almost Famous is one of my favourites! When they sing Tiny Dancer...wow. It certainly was the scene stealer of the movie.
    I also love Dave Grohl's version. Beautiful.
    I'm trying to think of what other covers I love but they are not coming to me. Funny thing is that the ones I hate are easier to remember! LOL Like the current crap cover of INXS's "Need you tonight". That is criminal!!

  4. I just stumbled across your blog and have been devouring one post after the other. This particular one reminded me of my favourite cover: Jack Ladder covering Okkervil River's Starry Stairs. I absolutely adore it! You can find it on youtube.

  5. Hi sweety:)
    I really loved the cover, he is one funny dude:)

    And the movie i have been in love with for a LONG time:)

    Great post Carly:) Have a great day - SP

  6. Hi Carly
    thanks so much for your question on my blog, and it's NOT silly at all.
    I probably don't make it very clear ( I just find it hard pushing my stuff)
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    I also take orders if you see something you particulary like, you can email me and I will make it for you ( accept the polar bear who I don't make anymore)
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    thanks again

  7. I adore Tiny Dancer (AND Almost Famous) ... thanks for sharing that awesome cover version! :)

  8. following from Monday Meet and Greet! Nice to meet you!!

  9. Loved the cover Carly - thank you!!
    But in my mind, you can't beat Elton John + Almost Famous!
    Apparently the song was just written & then EJ put the music to it - apparently no meaning etc behind it.. so glad Cameron Crowe did justice to such a great song!
    I love going for roadtrips & singing this song at full ball!!
    Loving all your 90s song references + movie companions, brings me back memories!!
    I actually watched Looking for Alibrandi last week (it was my first DVD, thanks Mum) & the soundtrack is killer! I can't not cry during the end of John Barton's funeral service and You Am I's 'With or Without You' is playing... tears my heart up!!!


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