23 June 2010


Here are some pictures of the sunrise I saw from the plane on the way to Sydney.

I have not seen too many sunrises in my life. I do wake up early on most days, but I am never outside to see the sky.

I recall one morning, at a time I was going out with a boy, and he was outside having a smoke and called me with a sense of urgency. I was in the bathroom at the time, and I was annoyed that he had called me outside while he was smoking, because he knew I didn't like it when he smoked around me.

When I got outside he told me the sun was rising. We sat on the step and watched the sunrise together. That was possibly the most romantic thing we had ever done together.

Anyway, I digress.

Seeing the sunrise on Monday morning was beautiful. It made getting up at 4:10 am worth it.

I love the way the sky gradually changes colour. It's a pretty amazing thing. I feel like I should have taken more opportunities to watch the sunrise, but then maybe, because it happens so rarely, I may appreciate it more.

The pinks and yellows are my favourite. It looks like the sky is a piece of silk that has been dip dyed and hung out to dry.

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  1. My favourite time of the day! Shame I'm too lazy to see it more often :)

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos x


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