14 June 2010

Music I've been missing - Genevieve Maynard

The thing I like about driving on a long trip is the chance to listen to music. I mean, really listen to it. I have music on so often, but much of the time I don't listen to it with care because I'm doing something else or there's not much time to listen to a whole album. My train trip to and from work is 10 minutes. By the time I've unfolded my headphones and cued the song I want to listen to, I'm one stop away from where I need to be.

Today on my trip back to Melbourne I set my iPod playlist to feature Australian music. I had some Bob Evans, Angus and Julia Stone, The Getaway Plan, Cold Chisel, Clare Bowditch, Darren Hayes, Bertie Blackman and Genevieve Maynard. I set my iPod to shuffle, excited about what song may come next, but as usual, hoping to hear a song I really adored.

Genevieve Maynard's Don't Come Morning came one somewhere before Wangaratta and it was then I knew, hers was the music I've been missing.

I've known Genevieve Maynard's music for about 10 years now. She used to play guitar, sing backing vocals and produce for a band called Stella One Eleven. I first heard Stella One Eleven on the Looking for Alibrandi soundtrack and then saw them play at the Termo Hotel in Albury in 2000. I saw them play live about four times in total.

Genevieve went solo (with a band) and I saw her play a few times in Albury and also in Melbourne at The Rob Roy, The Empress and The Cornish Arms. Sydney people - look out for when she plays next and go and see her - you will not be disappointed. I long for the day she plays in Melbourne again, but I may have to make the trip to Sydney to see her.

She has released five solo (with band) CDs so far, all excellent. Her CDs are hard to come by, but I'm sure if you visit this website, you can arrange to buy them. Her current album is The Hollow Way by Genevieve Maynard and The Tallboys.

You may have heard some of Genevieve's music featured on Neighbours and The Secret Life of Us.

I'm not much good at comparing musicians, but I believe her voice is incomparable to anything you would hear on mainststream radio today. I did read that some say she has the best voice in Australia. Her songs are lush - I love the clarity and depth of her voice. She sings with such warmth and kindness. She has a mix of guitar-heavy and acoustic songs. She sings with such honesty. When I listen to her music, I feel like I am taken away from the world for a while.

The songs I most love are Pillar of Salt, Crash and Burn, Steer Clear, Johnny Lee, Come By, The Albatross and the gorgeous version of The Angels' Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again?.

Here is a video clip of The Albatross by Genevieve Maynard and the Tallboys.

I found an interview that I really enjoyed - it's by Tim Dunlop on Crikey.

Genevieve Maynard interview part one

Genevieve Maynard interview part two

I was sad to read the struggles she has in getting her brilliant music heard by a wide audience. To think there is so much awful music infiltrating our world, and Genevieve, with an authentic sound, can't get radio airplay. She sings about this issue in a song called Earthbound, alluding to the quick recognition the Idol contestants receive. I'm really impressed she keeps on making her own music because she loves it. It's a true indication that sometimes you need to follow your heart and do what you love.

She also mentions the power of social networking. It's because of social networking she and I are in contact. Genevieve and I tweet each other on Twitter. She is a funny tweeter. It made my day when she wished me a happy birthday last year!

I was also very excited to be able to purchase her latest album directly from her. It makes me feel good knowing my money is going straight to one of my favourite artists ever.

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  1. Carly :) Thank you...this is beautiful.

    When I was battling with myself to justify the expense of making an album that may only be heard by a couple of hundred people I came to realise that these people were the ones that really mattered. And that if I made an album that I loved, and that other people loved, then that was the ultimate goal of making music...

    An expensive realisation, but one that continues to reap rewards such as this, your reaction, and your blog.




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