30 June 2010

Gumnut babies

It has been so cold in Melbourne these last few days. It hasn't helped my cold. My wheezing sounds like a rusty spray can being shaken. The BOM says it's currently around 10 degrees, which is a heatwave compared to the 7.2 degrees at midday yesterday.

I get extremely cold. Even in the office. My head gets really cold. Especially because there is no protective layer of skin to keep it warm - my protective layer is constantly shedding. So I wear a hat. Even in the office. It's an equal combination of keeping warm and avoiding hat hair.

Someone told me I look like a Gumnut Baby today. You know, Snugglepot and Cuddlepie by May Gibbs. Cute compliment!

Here is what Gumnut Babies look like.

And here is what I looked like today.

I am wearing a hat my parents bought me from Tasmania - it is hand felted and knitted.

Perhaps it does make me look like a Gumnut Baby? With suitably more clothes, of course.

And this is the closest I've come to wearing a suit in a long time:
Skirt by Brown Sugar circa 1985 from Mum's wardrobe
Top by Target (over merino jumper from Glassons)
Tweed jacket by Target via op shop in Tasmania (it has awesome floral patchwork detail on the bottom)
Button down leggings OVER stockings
Shoes by Myer
Necklace by Oh Deer
Brooch via Esty (it's a felted nest with blue pearl eggs inside).

I usually wear a lot of grey in winter, well, all year round, really, but lately I've taken to wearing this camel coloured skirt (it's wool and super warm) with other camel coloured clothes. It's ever since I bought the Fauxpard Jacklet from Target (because it goes with camel!).

Sometimes I wonder whether I should do more outfit posts on this blog. My colleagues know I blog so I could easily ask them to photograph me. But then I wonder if it would detract from the intended substance of this blog. Not that I am highbrow all the time... What do you think? More outfit posts?

In completely unrelated news, but it did make me think of (and surprisingly yearn for) some warm weather - me and Business Chic are going to see Bon Jovi in December. I got tickets tonight. El-cheapo ones, which literally mean row x, but that's the price you've gotta pay when you were too young to appreciate these sort of bands in your youth. I told you, I got a male bogan gene.

I can't wait to sing my heart out to this. Like a male bogan. I wish I had big hair.

(Check out Keri Russell in the clip! She has big hair.)

I love music videos of the 90s. When they still told stories. And werent full of half naked, gyrating women. The women in this clip are far classier than that, despite still being half naked.

And on that note, proving that the topics within Radio Carly are really sometimes irrelevant, goodnight. Who would have thought May Gibbs would feature alongside Jon Bon Jovi.


  1. Carly!!! What a fabulous post~ I love Gumnut Babies, Bon Jovi and I may have a penchant for workwear too!

    Thanks for perservering with the tickets, I had an intense day at work where I'd missed out on proper meals and was feeling quite faint when I got that glorious message of yours!- yay! And to all who turn up their noses at Bon Jovi, hehehe. Carly and I are gonna have a ball! Xx

  2. Love the juxtaposition of Gumnuts and Bon Jovi - it's an unusual pairing but you made it work!!

  3. Hi Carly. I got your comment on the Northern Craft Bonanza blog. Anyone is welcome to come along to the group. It's a BYO craft group so you just need to bring whatever project you are working on. We don't run any classes or anything like that so you do need to have your own project/craft to work on.


  4. I love gumnut babies! What a compliment!

  5. Is that a Two Cheese Please brooch??? If it is, you have fabulous taste as I have the exact same one!
    PS - I think it's fun to add in some posts about completely irrelevant things like outfits

  6. Bon Jovi are masters of the Power Ballad! Plus, Jon Bon Jovi was awesome in Ally McBeal ;) That clip is the epitome of Bogan relationship rules: he's ok with sleeping with the roommate, but if she looks at someone else he sets their house on fire, haha.

  7. very nice post!! and I keep forgetting it winter there....good hat for the weather!

  8. Love the post and the outfit! Such a cute hat. Definitely more outfit posts :)


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