16 June 2010

Call for young women with disabilities + chronic illnesses to talk about body image

I have been commissioned by DiVine to write a really exciting article on the body image of young women with disabilities and chronic illnesses.

This is an issue I feel strongly about, and I believe there is not much media coverage about it.

I plan to interview about six women and a member of the National Advisory Group on Body Image.

If you are a young woman with a disability or chronic illness and would like to participate in a written interview (or know someone who may), please leave a comment here with your email address or send me a message on Facebook by Saturday 19 June (Australian time). Some of your responses will be used in my article.

Thank you for helping me out!

EDIT: Thank you for your responses. I have sent you all an email and will let you know when the article is published. Comments are now closed. Please note, I won't be able to use every part of your response.


  1. At 34 I'm not young any more. Got diagnosed with crohns disease at 17yo though and I know what it is like to be young with a chronic illness.

    email me leechbabe@gmail.com

    I'm looking forward to hearing what others have to say on this topic :)

  2. Hi Carly,

    I have had Ehlers Danlos Syndrome my whole life and spent a lot of my teenage years in wheelchairs, casts and slings. I'm 28 now...

    I think you already have my email but it's handfootwoman@yahoo.com


  3. Does Intracranial Hypertension count? I'm 25 :D, if I can be of use, contact me @ mmbb@mumsweb.com

  4. I'm 20 with a psychiatric disability. I'd love to take part in this, since I have some eating disorder and body image issues as well. sir-dancealot@hotmail.com



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