26 June 2010

Mexican fiesta on the couch with paperwork on a Saturday night.

I feel a cold coming on. I have a cloudy head, am very tired and have a nagging cough that is making it hard to breathe. It's been cold here - 13 degrees today - and I'm a run down with my skin, plus been on two planes. I don't get sick with a cold often, and haven't had the flu since 2002 when I ended up in hospital with it, so fingers crossed this doesn't eventuate to a full blown cold.

This is my treatment.

None of this disgusting cough mixture stuff. I hate medicine almost as much as I fear needles. Note the only medicine cup I have is a plastic glass from a mini wine bottle.

For me it's chillis, lemon and honey and Panadol all the way.

Did you know that Manuka honey has so many healing properties? I sometimes put it on my hands when my skin is blistered. I don't really like the taste of honey but this stuff is ok.

I also had to buy this today. It's a ventolin inhaler for asthma.

My old one has expired. I only use ventolin when I have a cold. I get asthma symptoms so infrequently that I am never quite sure how to use the inhaler.

I was so pleased with the bargain price of it. It gave me the same rush as buying a dress on sale. $8. Who knew! Next time I need a quick and cheap shopping fix I will consider buying ventolin!

I have been wearing a tracksuit far too much when I'm not at work. Hell, I even feel like wearing one to work some days.

You will be pleased, or horrified to know I went out to collect my takeaway dinner dressed like this tonight.

Tracksuit is by Bonds. Faux-uggs are el-cheapo. I am pleased how flattering the tracksuit pants are. If the tracksuit was lesser brand, I may not have set foot out of the house. Or maybe I would have/have done...

I read the American President had no qualms in holding a business meeting with his worldly counterparts at a fast food restaurant.

So I knew the world wouldn't end when I went out in my tracksuit to get Mexican food.

I went to Taco Bill.

Taco Bill is excessive and expensive. If I wanted less excess I would have flown to Mexico for a meal. Prior to going with Kristy in April, I'd only been there twice, and both times were with boys I was in love with and I had my meals paid for. I had no idea how pricey it is!

I have been desperately craving Mexican food since I bought this book yesterday. So instead of cooking a recipe from it, I went to get takeaway!

This is what I have for dinner.

Nachos and burritos. They're massive servings.

My neighbour had to open my wine. I am unable to as I'm too slippery. Yes, my life is constantly in a slippery slope of vaseline.

My Saturday night screams fun and excitement. Eating Mexican on the couch reading press releases about a new policy report and working on some other secret squirrel business.


  1. Oh, you poor thing, Carly.

    Rest up tonight and I hope you heal quickly with the good food and drugs.

    SSG xxx

    PS - loved the way you tied in President Obama. Feeling very underwhelmed with Australian politics at the moment.

  2. Hope your feeling better soon Carly xx

  3. Do hope you don't get a full blown cold or worse flu... Keep taking the Manuka honey - wonderful stuff Carly - I swear by it... And the Mexican dinner - mmmm - yummm! x

  4. I hope you feel much better very soon.

  5. Take care of yourself. Afraid I'm in the same boat at the moment. Drinking loads of tea with honey and freshly squeezed lemon helps. Otherwise my parents suggest a shot of whisky before bed. Typical scots! Haven't taken that suggestion up yet. Stay warm

  6. You should try this honey is amazing, we all use it on our skin, its not got any of them silly numbers like 30+ i've heard only 15+ is good for you anything over that is unproven.

    take a look at this guide: http://www.greenbayharvest.co.uk/shop/pages/Honey+Ratings+Explained


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