19 June 2010

Music I've been missing - The Screaming Jets

I really enjoy doing these music I've been missing blog entries. The entries are getting me listening to a wider range of music and thinking about the impact certain music has had on me.

I am especially pleased that you enjoy the entries too (based on your comments). Thank you :) I particularly enjoyed the comment I received on the last music I've been missing, about Genevieve Maynard. Genevieve left a comment! How cool to receive a comment from the artist I've just written about. What a privilege.

This evening I've been doing a bit of tidying (hear that Dad!) and to get me moving and motivated I thought to put one one of the fastest, loudest CDs I own. The Screaming Jets - Hits and Pieces. I haven't listened them for a while, and tonight's (loud) play reminded me that they're the music I've been missing.

I don't profess to know all of their songs. I only own their greatest hits CD and DVD, and a CD single from 2000. But when I hear Dave Gleeson's voice in the fast paced songs, I get a rush of energy.

Maybe it's because I'm sometimes attracted to acute blokeyness (a cute blokeyness?). Or maybe it's the male bogan in me. I have a soft spot (excuse the pun) for Australian cock rock. Cold Chisel, Inxs etc.

I've enjoyed the Screaming Jets' music since Better was released in 1991. When I was nine years old. When I knew that cock meant rooster, and not penis. I saw the video of Better on Rage one day and liked it.

I've been to see the Screaming Jets live twice. The crowd was as scary as Placebo's. The first time my friend and I were in the front row at the Termo in Albury in 2000. I had my trusty Doc Martens on. She had thongs on. The crowd was drunk and mobile. And made up of mainly burly men twice our age. Her feet got pretty bloody. I didn't know if I was going to get out of there alive!

The second time I saw them at the Corner Hotel around 2004 with another friend. We thought it sensible to stand up the back. We felt like the youngest there by 20 years. I remember there were some guys who came to chat us up and all they did was look down our tops. I also remember moving my feet very quickly to the 'never never never never get anywhere' part of Better. They are awesome live, and I'd like to see them play again. They seem to tour frequently, but the next time they're in Melbourne I'm seeing The Temper Trap.

A few songs are close to my heart, but my favourite song of theirs is October Grey.

Lyrically, it's a bit of a love song. I love the opening 'It's been awhile, but I still remember the smile you've kept for me'. There's something about Dave Gleeson's voice in the song that makes me smile. I like that gruffness. And the guitar work reminds me a little of Dire Straits' Sultans of Swing.

I am not sure whether they're still making new music. Maybe I will explore if they are. But in any case, I'm quite content revisiting their greatest hits. It's on repeat as I type.


  1. i do enjoy your music i've been missing posts! i've been going through a music rut of late and wanting to diversify my listening tastes and reading about yours is great :)

    ah so jealous you're going to see the temper trap live! i really wanted to go but couldn't find anyone to come with :( plus festival hall is not my favourite music venue - though oddly enough the last 4 concerts i've been to have been there! haha hope you report back about TT after you've seen them

    x amie

  2. Hey Amie thanks for the comment! Haven't seen you here before, but know you from Vogue.

    I've seen the Temper Trap before - they were amazing! Review is here: http://carlyfindlay.blogspot.com/2010/01/temper-trap-review.html

    I hate Festival Hall but like TTT so much I had to buy a ticket. I am also going alone. We could have gone together!

    Will definitely do a review.

  3. I also have a big soft spot for The Screaming Jets, October Grey is also my fave! I remember seeing them at The Hallam, most likely before I was old enough to get in, but back in the days when all you had to do was strut in with your head held high ;P


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