20 June 2010

Breakfasting, merino underwear, Toy Story 3, Matt Preston and a feat of minimal luggage

The weekends go by far too quickly.

Yesterday I had breakfast with the lovely Jen from Jentopia. Jen and I work for the same organisation, tweet, read each other's blogs, share mutual friends and live close by but had never met until yesterday. It was a great morning - we chatted like we had known each other for years. She is lovely! I can't wait to meet up again. I really enjoy this online turned offline blogging/social networking community.

I had belly dancing class. I contemplated why there are a lack of size 10 merino wool thermal underwear in Target. Readers, give me some tips on where I can get some AFFORDABLE thermals. They must be wool. My friend and I had something magic that we know as Shakeaway, counteracting the work we did at belly dance. I had an apple pie and custard shake. My friend had a chocolate hedgehog shake. I did some cleaning. It was a nice day with a few achievements.

Today I was lucky enough to go to the premiere of Toy Story 3 in 3D. We were 'Guests of Walt Disney'. I expected today would be the moment he'd wake from being cryogenically frozen. He didn't.

I have been asked to write a review for it. I went with three friends. We all loved it - there was a great mix of adult and child friendly jokes, and considering it was a 'threequel', there was a great plot (unlike Sex and the City).

We got lots of goodies at the premiere. It was fun. Here is a book, stickers and lolly, all Toy Story 3 themed.

My friend won a lucky seat prize. She got a yoyo, frisbee and this USB drive which she gave me. Thanks R!

I love how intricate the animation is, and how the toys take such elaborate actions. Young and old, you should see it.

I did a bit of celebrity spotting in the cinema. I have celebdar. My friends commented on my ability to spot them, even with the 3D glasses on. I saw three actual celebrities and their families (hence no photos). So they may not be Hollywood celebs, but they were familiar to me. I saw Iain 'Huey' Hewitsson He's a TV chef. I also saw Dave O'Neill. He's a Melbourne based radio presenter and comedian.

The most exciting celebrity was MasterChef Australia's Matt Preston. Matt Preston (and MasterChef) is everywhere at the moment. I watch MasterChef on the nights I am home. Sometimes I think about entering it next year. I want to spend a weekend doing a MasterChef challenge in my own kitchen. I really enjoyed Matt's columns in The Age, but I don't follow his News Limited columns.

For those wondering, this is what Matt Preston looks like.

He is known for his cravats. FYI: today he did not wear a cravat.

So I gave Matt a smile. I desperately wanted to give him my card and tell him how much I enjoy his work, but I didn't. I just smiled. I probably stared at him a bit too long though. So I put it down to karma when his child pointed out that I have a red face as I stood in the ATM queue.

I am going to Sydney tomorrow for work. I am very proud to be taking such minimal luggage. All there is is an overnight bag, a small handbag, the shoes I'm wearing, and briefcase.

Are you proud too? Inside my overnight bag, there is only a pair of jeans for dinner tomorrow night, one full outfit for the next day, pyjamas, underwear, my (large and heavy) toilet bag, a tub of vaseline, my medications and a flat pair of shoes. Normally I'd take three times as much! I really hope I want to wear what I've chosen for Tuesday!

I have to wake up at 4:15 am, for a 5:20 am driver pick up, for a 7:00 am flight. While I am looking forward to going to Sydney, I'm not keen on the EARLY start. I am fretting that I will sleep through my alarm. So I have arranged a wake-up call from Telstra. Fingers crossed it works!

Tonight's dinner is fish and vegetables.

There is salmon and white fish, spinach, cherry tomatoes, spinach, capsicum, mushroom, lime juice and chilli. It was quick a one pot, knife, spoon and cutting board meal.

I am looking forward to Wednesday as I will be seeing the edit of the short film! I hear it looks great and we are all stars! Naturally.

Signing off now. Need to eat and rearrange my bedding. Then MasterChef and Heartbreak High.

I am not religious, but please say a prayer or look to the Rock Gods or something to ensure I wake up at 4:15 am. Sydney Shop Girl, if you are awake at that time (and from your blogs and comments on mine, I know you sometimes are) please send me a text!


  1. Had no idea Telstra did wake up calls!

    Have fun in Sydney - I love premieres too!

    Who are you reviewing it for?

  2. Toy story 3 sounds like it was fun. I'm proud of your minimal luggage. Have a great time in Sydney. I'm jealous.

  3. Hi Carly:)
    I am mentioning you in a YouTube video:)
    Hope that is oki?

    The link is here...

    Have a great day - sp

  4. It was great to catch up live and in person! We will have to set up a dinner date so you can meet the (much) better half! He can cook for us so we can gasbag more!

  5. Carly for Master Cheff '11!! :)

  6. A busy and fun weekend Carly! Hope you are in Sydney ok today and did not sleep through the alarms...! Am impressed with the luggage situation (or lack of it!) x

  7. Hi Carly
    Very impressed regarding the packing.

    Glad you were awake when I texted.

    Take care and enjoy Sydney. Shame about the weather.

    SSG xxx

  8. Dear Carly, hope all is going well on your trip to Sydney, v exciting, I am soooo impressed by your tiny amount of luggage, are you sure you have packed your pants?? Bx (lowering the tone once again).


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