27 June 2010

Sunday comfort food

My cold symptoms I mentioned last night have worsened into a sore head, shivering, tiredness, sniffles and chesty cough.

Time to make some chicken soup. I'm so tired that I considered buying a tin of soup to get me through. I had second thoughts about the tinned soup, I don't know what's in it.

I fried five chicken wings in garlic, hot olive oil, lime juice and two chillis. Once part of the chicken skin was brown and crispy, I added the chicken stock and let simmer for about half an hour. Then I added the vegies. They are only frozen vegies, but sickly times call for convenience vegies.

I have eaten two cups of the soup and it was delicious. So flavoursome. And beats tinned soup. I can feel it working on my cold already.

And hows this for resourcefulness! The leftover bolognaise from the bolognaise pie earlier in the week needed to be eaten.

I didn't feel like eating it in its original form, and didn't want to waste it, so I added a glass of water, a tin of mixed beans and two chillis, and I now have a hearty soup.

I ate it for a late lunch.

Earlier today my friend S and I had brunch at Fraus.

Here I am.

The waitress told me that she loved my blog entry about Fraus, especially the picture of the rainbow in the cup of hot chocolate.

S had poached fruit on crepes with marscapone.

I had a duck curry galette. It had lychees.

We both had mugs of hot chocolate.

I bought this.

It is white chocolate with strawberries.

We then went to the North Melbourne Market. It had heaps of stalls and S and I agreed that we will return in August, cashed up, ready to buy lots of goodies. I loved the skirts, felt scarves and knitted hats.

How cute is the packaging!

And of course, we adored the jewellery. Here is my purchase.

It is by a designer called Oh Deer. I love the detail of the painting. Here it is close up.

Aside from feeling yucky because of the cold, it was a nice day. It was lovely to catch up with S, we've been friends for 11 years and though we don't see each other frequently, every time we do catch up, it's like we've never been apart. Though we always take the piss out of each other, she's such a supportive and kind friend. She's newly engaged and it was very exciting seeing the ring and talking wedding plans. Congratulations S and C :)

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  1. You went to Fraus without me?? Looks delicious!

    I brunched with my bookclub today, I had beans, mushrooms and spinach on turkish bread - certainly not as good as crepes! xxx

  2. I miss your cooking! You always amaze me how you can just work with what's in the cupboards! Sorry to hear you're not feeling so good. How was Toy Story 3? I've been meaning to call for ages. Am finishing up work on Tuesday so will call soon for a proper catch up. Take care of yourself this week and don't let that cold take hold.

  3. Get well soon. I listen to Dog Days are over all the time. Even though my Dog Days are still not over with members of my family dropping like flies. At the end of Sliding Doors they play a Dido song, the one about the best day of my life. I might revisit Dido too. xxxxx

  4. Some of my crafty friends had stalls at the Thread Den market today! Apparently it was quite busy.

  5. Hey Carly - sorry to hear you're unwell but that chicken soup looks both delicious as well as medicinal - hope it works its magic soon! xx

  6. I was also at the market yesterday. =) And I also bought some cute little earrings from Oh Dear. They had some lovely things.

  7. Awww hope you're feeling better soon! Sorry I've been lax in my commenting on your blog, life has been so hectic with moving house, my birthday and work I'm just catching up on reading now. xo


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