19 June 2010

The Basement Birds

Something exciting arrived in the mail today! And by registered post. Registered post items are always important. Often not exciting though.

It's my ticket to see The Basement Birds at the Forum in August.

Who are the Basement Birds, you ask?

They are an Australian supergroup of sorts. Josh Pyke. Kav Temperley from Eskimo Joe. Steve Parkin. And my favourite, Bob Evans (Kevin Mitchell from Jebediah).

They are beautifully melodic. A bit country, a bit pop, a bit barbershop quartet.

An album is out on 16 July. You can buy their EPs on iTunes.

And if you think the line up of the Basement Birds is good with the four boys, Julia Stone also features on their song Bus Stop. They also did a Like a Version cover on Triple J - performing The Presets' My People.

Back to the concert.

Apart from seeing the concert, my ticket entitles me to watch their soundcheck, a meet and greet and tshirt. I am so looking forward to it, but I only wish my good friend L (who is a huge Bob Evans/Jebediah fan) could come along too.

I love it when bands take care of their fans by making a special package available (at not too big a cost).

I suspect the Basement Birds are only going to be around when time permits, given the members' day jobs. So I'll savour them while I can.

You can view the details of their Australian tour here.

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  1. Wow! That's so cool that you get extended access. I am mighty jealous. I have been slacking on the live music front and really need to get my butt to some concerts this summer. I hope it's a fabulous time (I know it will be)!


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