02 May 2010

Tune into Radio Carly's first giveaway!

To celebrate Tune into Radio Carly nearing on 30,000 clicks, and the opportunities that have come about because of this blog, and to thank you readers, I am holding my first giveaway! Three lucky readers will win a prize!

I have handmade some gift cards with some of the beautiful paper I used in my bookmaking subject. They are little cupcakes that come in a cute envelope.

And this is from the Kids in Berlin store in North Melbourne - it is a brooch designed and made by Australian design company Lab Three O Five. It is made from wood that has been laser cut.

I adore brooches and this is definitely something I would wear.

The one I have for you has a little tail.

Finally, I have the latest edition of Frankie Magazine.

This is a gorgeous Australian magazine that features cute crafty accessories and Australian fashion labels, plus intelligent articles.

To enter, please leave a comment on this post by 5pm Friday 7 May. You can comment as an anonymous poster if you like, but please leave your name so I know who to mention/contact if you are the lucky winner.

Winners will be notified on Saturday 8 May on this blog!

Good luck!

I love giving presents :)

PS: Don't forget to check out the Tune into Radio Carly FaceBook page!


  1. Those cupcakes are adroable! And I love the brooch, so gorgeous.

    Congrats on your hits :)

    Marlo xx

  2. yay, thanks! I'm giving away a necklace as well if that's something you're keen on! x

  3. Adore the cupcakes too Carly and congrats for the nearly 30,000 clicks - wonderful! x

  4. Sounds like fun, giveaways are awesome!
    Those cards are so cute, count me in!

    Toby's Raiser

  5. Hi! I love those cards you made! Way cute!


  6. Those cupcakes are awesome, you sure are talented.

    And we share a love for Frankie - I bought this month's edition when it first came out, and I am slowly slowly reading it, to prolong the joy! Every 2 months is too long!!

    Congrats on the blog milestone :)

  7. Count me in! I really need to go back to buying Frankie, if only for the pretty posters.

  8. Adorable items!
    Am glad you're receiving many hits on your blog. x

  9. I would love to be in the running, thank you so much :-) Just off to your facebook page now too.

  10. Awwww Carly you're such a kind and generous person to do this :-) I love the cupcakes, the paper you used for them is lovely, love the brooch too :-) Congratulations on the hits too that's fantastic!!

    Keep up the great work! :-) xx

  11. You are super creative- the cupcakes look marvelous. x

  12. Dear Carly
    Your cupcakes are adorable. Love them. Well Done. Stay strong. xxxxxx

  13. Oh my your handmade cards are gorgeous! Hopefully this giveaway is international!


  14. Your blog is really taking off Carly! Am glad to be a loyal reader.
    I wish I was creative - your cupcakes are brilliant! xoxoxxo

  15. awesome job as always.
    off topic: I went and saw "i love you too" today, it was cute. Hamish is in it, oh and someone I know is in it too now that I think about it! exciting for them hey! lol
    Chris xxoo

  16. Wow. THe cards are really cute :)


  17. How could we not enter for a prize... and thank god I read this before it turned pumpkin o'clock!!!

    Love your blog Carly - its been nice getting to know you better...


  18. Long time reader, first time commenter. Firstly the gratuities, love reading ya stuff, very thought provoking but always better after the read. Now the prize, being a male I love all things made of wood, even brooches lol. Big fan of creating things. Dont forget Carly Keep on blogging.

    Peter (Amandas hubby)

  19. Shea Taren Giordimaina
    hey carly i couldn't work out how to comment on the actual blog page but congratulations on everything you are an absolute inspiration to me and so many people! Thank you for always being you and being so amazing! Big hugs and kisses ♥ xxxxx ♥ xxxxx ♥ xxxxx ♥ xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox
    03 May at 00:14 · · Flag


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