30 May 2010

Brunch at Fraus Crepes and Chocolat

Today I had brunch with a friend at Fraus Crepes and Chocolat (345 Victoria Street North Melbourne).

My friend is Adrienne, today was the first time we've met in person. She gave me the gorgeous necklace for my Vogue Forum Kris Kringle last year. It is by Wiyomu. I adore the necklace and wear it a lot.

It was great to meet Adrienne - she is really nice and we hit it off straight away. I look forward to catching up with her when she is in Melbourne again, or I am in her state.

Here we are at Kids in Berlin.

Fraus has just reopened after a month of renovations. I missed it when it was closed. I have always loved Fraus, but after its makeover, it looks so elegant! So grown up! It now also stocks a large range of chocolate

For those not familiar, the highlight of Fraus is the hot chocolates - thick like custard and an array of flavours. I have tried imitations, but none compare to Fraus in North Melbourne. Others have been weak and watery. Fraus is rich and delicious.

The staff at Fraus let me take photos and blog about my time there today.

Adrienne and I both had the classic hot chocolate. I actually always have this because I am not good at making a decision from a large menu. Other flavours include raspberry, stawberry, tiramisu, hazelnut, white chocolate and many more.

You can see the rainbow of the feature wall reflecting in this hot chocolate.

The food at Fraus is delicious. There is a great breakfast menu featuring crepes with fruit or traditional hot breakfast type toppings - my favourite is the salmon hollondaise, some savoury galettes for meals later in the day - I will remember the roast duck curry inspired galette for my next trip, and a plethora of dessert crepes.

Adrienne had the crepe topped with seasonal fruits, marscapone and pistachio crumble.

She enjoyed it. Apologies for the dimly lit picture - no flash that time.

I had the same crepe as Adrienne, but with berries instead.

It's not often I choose the sweet crepe, but I enjoyed this one. I think I'd like it with some maple syrup over the top too.

As I mentioned, the cafe has undergone a makeover. The atmosphere is really beautiful. It reminds me of a bar now.

There are big communal tables with bench seats. The counter is glamourous. The service is still fantastic. The menu is also fantastic, but has gone more glamourous.

This is where the hot chocolate is churned. It's made in a slushie machine. I want one in my kitchen.

This is the feature wall. It's filled with Fraus chocolate mix that you can buy and make at home. I love the colours and the abbreviation of the flavours. 'Strwbry'. 'Rspbry'.

Here are gourmet chocolates in the counter.

And here is a wall of chocolate filled with things - nuts, berries, citrus. I want.

I love the way these berries look in the white chocolate.

I recommend Fraus Crepes and Chocolat if you are after a decadent brunch. You will be really pleased you ate there!

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  1. Lovely to meet you too Carly. I thoroughly enjoyed the hot chocolate and crepes, and of course, the company :)

    Back at home now, tucking into some short soup while waiting Masterchef. Nice to be home!

  2. I love the chocolate stores in Melbourne!

    SSG xxx

  3. Looks amazing - I would want to move in! x

  4. Dear C,

    I know Adrienne in real life too (through a book club)! That is great that you met up and had fun. I am very sad to read about Toby. My Mum read your comment on my blog about him- she's sad for you too. Hope you are ok.xxxxxx

  5. Ooh, pretty necklace! Thanks for the link, you totally just took the stress out of me buying a birthday present for a friend ;D

    Great to read about your adventures in Sydney. On the one and only overnight business trip I've ever been on I went to Sydney, went for a walk and got lost and ended up on adventure that involved a ferry and a train! Thankfully found my way out again :) x

  6. Hi Carly,
    Just wanted to write a quick note as I just spent far too much time reading your blog (and not studying for exams like I should be) and wanted to say hello. I really admire your writing and particularly love the entries about your Netherton syndrome. My favourite is "Are You Looking At Me?" because, as someone with a "syndrome" involving facial deformities, I relate well to not being able to go outside without being stared at (or worse). You're truly an inspiration!

    On a side note, I also love how much you love Darren Hayes/Savage Garden :)


  7. That looks like it's almost worth a trip to Australia!

  8. Oh I must check this place out, never been... thanks for blogging about it. Hope you've been well... I've been missing lately due to exams. xoxo

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