04 May 2010

A little bit of Japanish - Asian Snack Challenge!

We have three weeks left of the Asian Snack Challenge. Tonight's one was successful.

My friend saw some pocky-like vanilla dipsticks.
'Mmm a vanilla dipstick. That's me', he said.

We saw many interesting things, again. I am more and more drawn to things that look cute, but are unidentifiable - with little English description on the packaging.

These are chip-like snacks with sushi-like images on the packaging. I bet they look nothing like the packaging suggests.

This is green pumpkin juice. After last time's pumpkin seed debacle, my friend was not touching this drink.

This is something with a frog on. I don't know?

This is maybe apple juice? Maybe tomato juice?

These are mini icecream cone looking sweets.

This is a cat that likes pineapple.

We made our choices.

My friend bought these delights. I love his fusion food direction.

Ola! Jack and Jill Piattos and orange sangararia! Ola!

We termed his snack 'A little bit of Japanish'! Japanese crossed with Spanish.

I thought his choices were a little boring at first. After all, he did just pick a packet of potato chips of the shelf without much consideration or commentary. But he reminded me 'I went Japanish'.

Due to me eating a ridiculous amount of junk food before and during uni today, clearly too disgusting to spell out in separate words - onesmallboxofpotatomashies,threekfcdrumsticks,bottleofcoke,lordofthefrieswithcheeseandgravy -I was not up for much food at the Asian Snack Challenge tonight.

I was drawn to the cute, impractical dust collecting toys.

A chicken, as featured in Get that sausage!

This thing here is a duck with a plant stem in its head. The stem moves in the light.

'Flip Flap is a cute flower bud which moves by light. Please grow your Flip Flap in your mind and bloom your own special flower. Please do not give water'.

And some Krispy Kreme-esque chips.

Disappointingly, but predictably, the chips looked and tasted nothing like Krispy Kreme donuts.

They tasted like sweet peanut flavoured popcorn.

I ate three of them, dropped one on the floor, and shared one with Plastic Chicken.

Plastic Chicken both makes a squeak, and has eggs inside its bum. I will need to unwrap the eggs so I can make it lay.

As the train pulled into North Melbourne station, we did a bit of a pantomime with Plastic Chicken, and we were reminded of that other chicken on video incident. Boris the Chicken, a video made by the North Melbourne Football Club. Coincidence?

Here is our pantomime. Much more g-rated.

Plastic Chicken ate a Jack and Jill Piatto and said 'mmmm cheesy, mmm Japanish'.

And just like in all other Asian Snack Challenges, we laughed and laughed.


  1. oh my lordy.
    the photos with the chicken with snack in mouth are so funny.
    its all in his weird little eyes.
    and he poops eggs.
    how funny!
    i love asian snacks.
    they are much more creative than our snacks.

  2. umm.. that chicken is on drugs.

  3. You are still in Australia, right? How come you have so many Japanese lollies!? I miss them!
    The frog one is a candy bag with a Japanese cartoon on, called Keroro (croaking sound) Sergeant. Don't worry, it does not contain any frong.....

  4. the plastic chicken - a true mark of quality!!

  5. ahaha! what a funny chicken! I like Qoo, they make nice peach juices too. I like the idea that you guys are trying something unfamiliar and having a ball.

  6. HAHAHA Hilarious. I love your asian snack challenges, they get funnier each time.

  7. Hahah thanks everyone, glad you enjoy them. I really have to work on the text to go with the pictures!

    Chiyomi - yes, I'm still in Australia but in Melbourne now. There are many Asian grocers around and the one we go to is really large. Thanks for the explanation about the frog. Croak!

  8. thank you so much for the kind comment and follow on my blog, it means a lot! im looking forward to more of your posts also as i now follow you too :)

  9. What a fun challenge Carly! Love reading about it and the pictures with the chicken are priceless!

    The "cat that likes pineapple" is Doraemon and he was (and still is) a big hit in Japan. His favourite food is actually Dorayaki (Japanese Red Bean Cake).

    This post is making me hungry ...

  10. there are so many things I want to try in this post!

  11. That chicken if AWESOME. Nothing more to be said!

  12. Piattos is from the Philippines. There is far more to Asia than Japan.

  13. My goodness that chicken is going to haunt me, Carly!! :O creeeeeepy. Love it.
    Heidi xo


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