08 May 2010

Angus and Julia Stone + Powderfinger concerts!

This past week I've bought tickets to two of my favourite bands ever.

Angus and Julia Stone
playing on 10 September and Powderfinger playing on 11 September.

It's Powderfinger's last hurrah.

Can't wait!

Before I bought my Powderfinger tickets I was in a conundrum because the show was on the same night as the Angus and Julia Stone gig. But then, they announced a second show the following night which made me very happy.

I've been a fan of Powderfinger for around 11 years now, since I first heard Passenger on Internationalist. This coming concert will be the fifth time I've seen them live. I'll be sad to say goodbye.

I adore so many Powderfinger songs and regard many of them as anthemic - These Days, My Happiness, Baby I've Got You on My Mind, Not My Kind of Scene...

Here is Passenger, live at the ARIAs in 1999.

It will be the seventh time I've seen Angus and Julia. I am going with a friend from work and her family - she is so excited to see them play.

And seeing I haven't yet got my Angus and Julia Stone ticket to show you as it's in the mail, here is a recording of You're the One that I Want live at the Palace Theatre in Melbourne, the show I was at. You can't see much, but I think Julia's breathy voice is gorgeous. I bought the song today on iTunes (it's on the Big Jet Plane EP).

Bring on September!

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  1. Awesome! I think my fav song has to be the day you came... I just love the beats at the start of the track! Hope you ENJOY..

    oh oh and love A&S!! :)

    - KK


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