09 May 2010

Esty purchases

Esty is amazing! I love buying unique accessories, and for this, Etsy is gold!

Here are some recent purchases.

MacBook decal from CraftyGalDecals

I have been wanting to personalise my MacBook for a while now and I was really impressed with how it looks.

This necklace from Earring Nation

Earring Nation stocks some really pretty, whimsical jewellery - not your every day. Just my thing. It has not arrived yet, but already I am itching to wear it.

And finally, to satiate my love of brooches, this bunny brooch from Rulitos81

Rulitos81 is the daughter of a colleague. When the parcel arrived, it was wrapped so beautifully and came with a little gloss printed personalised card and a fridge magnet.

I highly recommend you checking out these sellers.


  1. Hi Carly
    Love Esty too!

    Great buys, especially the MAC decal.

    SSG xxx

  2. I love the computer decal. Awesome purchases Carly. Hope we can catch up soon. ♥

  3. Nawwww love the bunny brooch, its adorable! x

  4. OMIGOD, I love that laptop sticker! Must have... oh, wait, my laptop broke. Probably wouldn't be worth putting one on the desktop computer...

  5. BUNNY! I think I'm going to have to get that.


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