23 May 2010

Kickapoo Joy Juice - Impromptu Asian Snack Challenge

As uber glamourous fashionista and domestic goddess Faux Fuschia would say, I was Challenging the Paradigm with the Asian Snack Challenge last Wednesday. Not only was it impromptu because of an afternoon uni class and we only expected there to be one more Asian Snack Challenge, but I challenged myself by sourcing ingredients for dinner. And that is how I applied the concept of Challenging the Paradigm to my life. I thought I never would.

We had a bit of time, because at that time of the day there are express trains that don't run to our station, thus a good amount of minutes between trains.

Here is what we saw:

This donkey. He teeters between cute and ugly.

You push a lever and his tongue pops out.


A money box...

That doubles as a cute pudding holder.

My friend bought a plethora of snacks. None were good. NONE. Even he will vouch for that.

Keripak Singkong. Pizza flavoured cassava chips.

They did NOT taste like Italian pizza, or any pizza for that matter.

Snow pea crisps.

They looked like snow peas but merely paid a homage to the actual snow pea. Really, they were snow peas and a heap of preservatives and other stuff ground down and moulded into snow pea shapes. Probably would have been quicker to snap freeze some snow peas. But I doubt there is an abundance of snow peas to satiate the perceived desire for snow pea chips.

Kickapoo Joy Juice. I love this name. My friend said it was a cross between lime and passiona.

Sweet dried plums. Wow, these were out of this world. And not in a good way. Space junk out of this world.

The experience of eating these was a pretty shitty situation. Even shittier than the situation that could have been with the drunk man on the train asking my name.

The sweet dried plums were the saltiest thing we'd ever tasted. Ever. They should come with a health warning. I believe salt was the ingredient that came before sugar and after plums.

It was a funny Asian Snack Challenge, despite the lack of energy in this blog entry, and we laughed and laughed as usual.

Here was my haul.

For dinner

I bought chicken frying flour, migoreng noodles and tofu.

I made a stirfry with vegies already in my fridge. I coated the tofu with the chicken frying flour. It was as underwhelming as this photo.

And my haul of snacks.
I have not eaten the sweets. I am actually not fond of lollies. Just the cuteness of them.
'This is cute. What is it?' is a line often used on the Asian Snack Challenge.

This is mushroom jerk. It is like beef jerky but mushroom.

This is me with mushroom jerk.

Mushroom jerk is not to be confused with my ex boyfriend.


  1. I totally fall for the cute... Cute over taste any day!

  2. Hey Carly
    LOL at mushroom jerk.

    Though the snacks may have bombed, you have great plastic toys to souvenir.

    SSG xxx

  3. Ha Ha love that name Kickapoo joy juice! x

  4. Those dried plums are freaking awful, I've been tricked into buying them before with the high hopes it would be a delicious sugared prune type arrangement. But no, salt salt salt!

    Hope we can do some sort of Asian/snack style challenge on Sunday morning ;)

  5. Hehe we had that Kickapoo Joy Juice when we were in Malaysia, simply because we loved the name!

  6. LOL at the mushroom jerk :D
    I love that teddy bear money box, so cute!

  7. Your post is hilarious! Hope "Mushroom Jerk" doesn't read your blog. Then again, maybe you hope he will! LOL

    I too love all the asian snacks, especially the Japanese ones. Thankfully I speak and read enough Japanese to decipher the packets (if they don't have a translation), so you are pretty brave if there isn't any english translation. But that is half the fun isn't it!

  8. i dont think i'd be able to try the mushroom jerk.
    the donkey is very cute!
    pity the snowpea snack was crap! i thought it'd be a winner.


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