30 May 2010

Sydney trip - stopping to observe and appreciate

Although my trip to Sydney was for work (apart from Friday when I had the day off), I felt so relaxed. I spent the time taking things in. Slowing down. Stopping to observe and appreciate.

I didn't watch TV. My internet was limited to the iPhone. It was nice.

I read a book. I can't recall the last time I've read a book! Over a year ago. I was engrossed in Jodi Picoult's House Rules on the plane there and back, and in the hotel room on both nights. Like most of Jodi's books, it was formulaic, but I enjoyed the depth of research she has done to create the characters and the plot.

Sydney's weather was cold to people who lived there, but balmy and warm to a Melburnian like me. Its 16 degrees didn't have the ice of Melbourne's 16 degrees.

I will blog about food in a separate entry. It was that good!

I picked up some really great messages from the conference I attended. I considered the way I want to further make a difference in the disability community. And reflected on my own achievements, and the goals I want to make in the future.

One of the lines spoken at the conference was 'will it be your condition or decision that will change your life?' I think about this a lot, even before I went to the conference. I believe life is about who you are and what you do in the world, and if you have a difficult card dealt to you, make the decision to live well and make a difference, rather than wallowing.

I met some inspiring people that I am excited about keeping in touch with.

Here is what I stopped to see. I took note of the beautiful architecture and the history. I thought of the British settlers building these magnificent buildings from 1788.

The next bit is image heavy. I took a lot of photos. Taking the photos really allowed me to look at minute details.

Good morning Sydney! Oh your possibilities. You're more beautiful than I once gave you credit for.

Late night walk down Macquarie Street. It was lovely.

Amazing light projections on Macquarie Street buildings for the Vivid Sydney celebrations. There was a story on each main building in the street. My photos don't do it justice. So spectacular. Thank you taxi driver for pointing this out to me.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge at different times of the day and from different angles.

A gorgeous shop in Paddington. I wanted to take more photos of the terrace shops, but I was torn between shopping and taking photos like a tourist. I chose a little shopping.

The view from the plane as I left Sydney. I love how I can see the sea and the land and the clouds.

Here are some photos of the beautiful sunset as I flew in to Melbourne through the clouds. I really enjoy looking at the texture of clouds and the colours within. I imagine being cushioned in them.

As I wrote on my Facebook status at the airport, Oh Sydney! You've tired me out! Balmy weather. Shopping strips. Work function. Looking forward to walking into the arms of my Melbourne soon.

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  1. I would really love to visit your country - somewhere I've always wanted to go (thinking about relocating in the next year, even though the final decision on that is still a way's off). But if you all think 16 degrees is cold, you should come to Canada in February!! lol. 16 degrees would be just fine with me :)


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