23 May 2010

Music I've been missing - Lo-Tel, Teenager of the Year

Every morning my alarm goes off at 5.54 am. My alarm is my stereo which is tuned to Nova. Not all music Nova plays is to my taste. But sometimes they play gems (gems according to me, anyway!).

They have sadly increased the amount of ads played, but perhaps to compensate, there are less of right-this-minute songs and more songs that I haven't heard in a while. I like it.

Yesterday morning I heard this one.

Teenager of the Year by Lo-Tel.

Teenager of the Year was featured on the soundtrack to the book-turned-movie Looking for Alibrandi (by Melina Marchetta). I loved this movie. I remember watching it at the cinema in my first year of university and could relate to a lot of things the characters went through. I was always amazed that Pia Miranda was 26 or something when she played an 18 year old. I preferred Kick Gurry's character to Matthew Newton's.

So I dug out the brilliant Looking for Alibrandi soundtrack and had Teenager of the Year on replay. I also relished songs by Killing Heidi, Spiderbait, Hamish Cowan and one of my favourite bands ever, Stella one Eleven.

It's nice to be reminded of music you've been missing.

I find with my iPod I listen to the same artists over and over - I don't explore new bands as much, and I don't rifle through my extensive CD collection for treasured songs.

I think I am going to start a new blog 'segment' exploring the music I've been missing. I have a few artists in my mind to revisit.

What music have you been missing?


  1. I just bought this on DVD for $7 at JB. Love it so much! PS - Thanks for my blog love too. =)

  2. It is funny how our moods affect the music we listen to. I can barely get out of bed in the morning at all. I think I need a soundtrack that "motivates" me. Maybe something Top 40 with a killer beat. If I'm travelling down memory lane then it would be Duran Duran (hello high school), as it always puts a smile on my face even if my husband covers his head and screams "Nooooooooo". LOL

  3. I miss Pia Miranda, need to see more of her.

  4. I love this film so much. I love the music from it too. There's something so magical about the 90s! Also a friend of mine saw Pia Miranda in a service station on the F3 freeway in NSW. I don't know who was more excited, me or her :)

    Another favourite band from that era is Catatonia who have the song "Make Hay Not War" from the schools dance scene in Alibrandi

    Thanks for liking mypost on packing. I adore packing (I am so weird). And I AM SO JEALOUS OF YOUR BOOK MAKING CLASSES. OMGGGGGGGGG! They offer it at Uni but it's always at clashing time to my Educ classes. I think I'll do it at community college or something

    Hope you're feeling brighter and healthier now!


  5. i have now gone from tapes and cds and my ipod to buying on vinyl... i dont think im missing any such songs because i have such a massive collection of music. i think it depends on what mood im in as to what i listen to... in saying that, there is always time for the 80s lol

  6. A while back, I ripped all my old CDs and have been randomly throwing gems into the iPhone mix. Awesome stuff, including Lo-Tel and even MORE awesome stuff like N-Sync, it's amazing how excited I still
    get when Bye Bye Bye comes around...'amazing'...'pathetic'....they're interchangeable, right? ;D

  7. I loved this song - I moreso liked another Lo-Tel song (which was on the same album, that I ended up giving away) which was called Crucifix.

    And to the person who mentioned Catatonia, I LOVED the song 'Road Rage'.

    Carly, I've been listening to Motor Ace again lately and it reminds me of you because I know you loved the Secret Life of Us as much as I did!


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