01 May 2010

Carly and Kristy's Mexican fiesta

Firstly, I must apologise for any typos I may make, or silliness. I found half a bottle of red wine that Mum had left behind (I'll buy you a new bottle, Mum, I promise!) and I am a Moscato drinker which has very little alcohol, so this red wine is having quite an affect on me!

I was lucky enough for my friend Kristy to be spending the work week in Melbourne. So we went out for dinner again on Thursday. It was a hoot. Especially when I went to the toilets and the sensor light switched off and made it so dark that I was unable to see anything and worried that someone had actually switched the light off in readiness to kill me. Then I realised that if I couldn't even do up my fly in such darkness, the murderer probably wouldn't have been able to kill me.

I digress.

We went to Taco Bills. It was the smallest Taco Bills ever. And hidden away. We were very surprised. My super spiky high heels weren't conducive to walking up and down the three flights of stairs, particularly after the carafe of Mexican punch (non alcoholic red cordial) we had consumed. It was economical at $6.95 to get a litre, though felt just as detrimental as if we'd drunk a litre of real punch. Hyperactive!

I love the contrast of the limes with the bright red punch.

I said to Kristy, 'I don't know if we can drink a litre of that stuff.'
She replied, 'Yeah, we were a bit ambitious.'

But we drank it all!

We ate the following:

Beef rolled up in corn tortillas. I didn't say this at the time, but they sort of looked like Schmackos, but didn't taste like them. Once when I was a kid I ate a dog biscuit, and also some fish food. So I can vouch that our first course at Taco Bills tasted much better than Schmackos. Unless Schmackos have changed their recipe.

Nachos. It was melted cheese deliciousness. Watch out arteries! Kristy let me eat all the guacamole too! She is too lovely!

Chicken burritos with rice and beans. We probably didn't need this course because we were SO FULL, but we powered on. Because there are starving children in third world countries, I felt the need to eat the whole burrito.

Kristy had the creme caramel. She said it was nice. I had a small bite but I don't like caramel. Sometimes I feel I am the only one in the world not to like caramel.

I had half of this chocolate mousse. I didn't eat any of the cream - I believe it was cream from a can. The mousse was yummy.

And this is how fabulous we looked, combined with some of the funny things we said (I typed them into my iPhone for future use - well they were funny at the time! I guess you had to be there....):

Kristy: 'she's got a Mexican hat!. She is serious about her Mexican!' (We tried to get ourselves a hat, but our Mexican punch didn't qualify for a free one!)

Carly: 'I could eat a whole litre of melted cheese...hold on, how would you measure melted cheese? Kilos or litres?' (We decided litres.)

Kristy: 'Id expect smut from Channel 10, but Channel 7 is so CONSERVATIVE!' (This ended our conversation about all the raunchy sex scenes we've seen on TV lately.)

Kristy: 'Did she forget her pants? Everyone that reads your blog will think I am the meanest girl in the world.' (For the record, Kristy is not mean, she was merely reacting to a girl that should have been wearing pants underneath her dress that was more like a tee shirt.)

Carly: 'Are you wearing jeans?'
Kristy: 'Yep.'
Carly: 'Same. I'm gonna undo my top button when we get in the car.'
Kristy: 'Same.'

So it was a wonderful night. I went to bed feeling like a whale covered in melted cheese. Kristy is awesome!

(PS: no jeans buttons were undone in the car).

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  1. Loved it! I'm so glad that you two managed to get together again while Kristy was in town - even better when it's over food! You both look gorgeous, and very relaxed. (Kristy looks like she must have an awesome Mum) So glad to be able to have this wee peek into your life. Thank you so much for letting me. x

  2. Hi Carly,
    Love it! But how can you not like caramel?

    I think you both had very astute observations.

    Lovely to 'chat' last night. We should do so over red cordial one day. The economical nature of it being the main reason, of course.

    SSG xxx

  3. I read this last night, you made me laugh after a rather heavy shift at work. Let's catch up soon?? ♥

  4. I'm sorry Carly, hahaha, perhaps take some of your purchases out! Is that $167 with conversion? Cause to prevent myself spending hundreds, I kept converting stuff!

    Really should find a euro clothes shop online because the EURO/Dollar conversion rate is 70cents!

  5. I quite like doing that with online shopping - putting things in the cart, then thinking "ah I'm too lazy to put it through the checkout".. some girls on my Facebook spent $245 on Abercrombie and Fitch this weekend >.<
    I could never spend that much on a single clothing brand, I like variety :)

  6. ohmigod, ever since living in LA ive become such a mexican fiend, i love it sooooo much! and i like recording funny comments when drunk. they always end up funnier when sober!

  7. That looks like the heart attack special. I thought, "These two must weigh 300lbs" thanks for including pics---LOL Two hotties on the town! SNAP Burrito!

  8. Hahaha at Diane. Yeah, we were two hot girls on the town! Thinner than one would expect.

    Death wears diamond jewellery - the thing is, our comments weren't even drunken ones!

    Mez - yeah, we will catch up soon :)

    SSG - I am glad you saw some astute observations. What are you doing up so early on a Sunday??!

    Skye - we had such a great time. I am glad you found the blog :)

  9. Delicous Mexican food - I love it all - yum!! And guacamole is to die for - looks fantastic. Isn't it nice to have such a lovely evening together with a good friend and it seems like yours was the funniest! Oh, and I have tagged you today in my post - please feel free to join in or not if you feel like it. x


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