23 May 2010

Yim Yam

Mum was down to stay this weekend and we ate dinner at Yim Yam.

Yim Yam has a wonderful mix of meals from Thailand and Laos heritage. I had never eaten there before, but I have bought takeaway three times – just the red duck curry which is delicious.

Last night was the coldest night I've experienced for a while. Icy! A great night for spicy Asian food.

We shared:

Fish cakes with sweet chili and lemongrass sauce

Steamed chicken wrapped in pandan leaves – the flavour in the chicken was amazing – so sweet.

Roti bread

I had seafood curry cooked in a young coconut. It was packed full of real seafood, none of this frozen plastic seafood extender stuff.

And the novelty of eating from a coconut was fun!

Mum had a very spicy prawn stirfry.

She eats chili in everything and said that these chilis were exceptionally hot.

I also had a thai custard dish. I don't know what it tasted like...bread and butter pudding would be the closest.

The service was great and the prices were cheap.

Even the house wine was nice!

I am wearing a dress thrifted from the lovely Mez. I have about four layers of clothing on due to the cold.

There is a huge artwork on the wall which I love. It is so vibrant. Here is some of it.

I showed Mum the wonders of the Hipstamatic camera iPhone app.

We had lots of laughs. It was a nice, but freezing night!


  1. Hey carly :) i had yim yam on the weekend too! we went to the yarraville one on friday night, i agree they have great art on the walls. there are so many things on the menu that i want to try!

  2. Oh! Yayayayayayayayaaaa!! Love the dress and the food looks awesome! What's the address of the place?

  3. That food looks delicious! Your mum looks sweet, it's obvious the two of you are having fun!

  4. Carly,
    Love the dress.

    Your mum is gorgeous!

    There is nothing like a hot meal out when it's freezing. It really lifts the mood and helps you forget the chill.

    SSG xxx

  5. The food looks delicious, the company wonderful, and that is the giantest glass of wine I have ever seen! :D


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