14 May 2010

Blogging without make up.

So there is a little initiative today called bloggers without makeup. Jodie Ansted from Mummy Mayhem had the idea for this initiative, and it's really taken off.

Jodie said 'It feels right to do this, and I'm so glad there are so many who want to get involved. What a great example we will be to our kids, and also to young girls who think they have to look like a magazine cover all the time. (You DON'T ladies! You are gorgeous as you are!)'.

Some of my blogging friends (that's you Bern, Caf and Taryn) have posted photos of themselves without makeup and why they believe in the cause. Aren't they beautiful?!

Right now I am blogging without makeup. I always do ;)

I can't wear much makeup. I have some bronzer, but when my skin gets dry, the bronzer makes it look like a crocodile skin handbag. A cheap crocodile skin handbag because once my skin starts peeling, bronzed skin flakes off.

I sometimes wear nailpolish. I hate taking the stuff off. And about once a year I will wear lipstick.

As for makeup on others - yeah, when it's minimal it can look nice, but my belief is to be yourself. Why hide your inner and outer beauty with makeup so thick you need a trowel to apply and remove it?

I like to look good - I take pride in what I wear, but I despise vanity. I believe it's time consuming, annoying and shallow.

It agitates me to see girls fixing their makeup in public, worried that a stray hair or smudged eyeliner may ruin their day. Get some perspective. Why should women feel pressured to wear makeup to change the way they look? When did we forget about inner beauty? Natural beauty?

I hear some of you wonder what the point of me taking part in this initiative seeing I can't wear makeup.

Well! Today I am sharing one of my favourite photos of myself with you. I love the closeup shot, the way the black and white takes the severity of my skin away, and the way my smile lights up. It was taken by my lovely friend Jo Ginn.

My wish is for everyone to love the skin you're in. If I can do it, you can too :)


  1. Hi Carly:)
    First of all, you look wonderful girl:)
    Can i join you on this idea?

    I don`t wear alot of make up, but i will take it all of for you:)
    Postting tomorrow, what a great idea:)

    Have a nice dau Carly - SP

  2. That is a gorgeous photo, Carly.

    You're a beautiful person inside and out.

    SSG xxx

    PS - really looking forward to your Sydney visit.

  3. the last line chicky... what a fantastic attitude... shall post my 'without makeup' photo tomorrow... keep an eye out x

  4. Beautiful! I love your beaming smile. You are gorgeous my dear. I agree with what you said about make-up. I would say I wear it half the time I go out of the house. Many times I don't bother, but sometimes I like to put it on. It really just depends. I feel like if I ever decide I NEED to wear to go out then that's not good. Great post!

  5. You are such a bloody legend. Yes, if all comes down to being happy in your own skin. You've taught me a lot you know Carly. Mostly how to rock a jacket, skirt and boots, but also through adversity, comes a positive. You are beautiful outside and in :)

  6. Just gorgeous. You look so happy and that shines through.

  7. Fantastic, thoughtful post Carly. You're right. We worry WAAAY too much about all this stuff. Whilst I believe there's nothing wrong with a bit of makeup, why can't we be ourselves all the time if we want to? What expectations are we trying to live up to?

    Great post, and thanks for joining in!


  8. Aw, thanks, Carly! I have had a ball taking part in Bloggers Without Makeup, it's been a great way to connect with new people online and also, kind of show that we are actually real people, not just characters on the internet. You have just as much right to express your opinion as anyone else! In fact, I pretty much agree with everything you've written up there, I especially loved this line "I like to look good - I take pride in what I wear, but I despise vanity. I believe it's time consuming, annoying and shallow." There's a big difference between self respect and vanity, the latter is almost hilarious in the fact that the more it is present in a person, the less attractive they actually come across!

    Much love xx

  9. You look absolutely lovely Carly - what a wonderful photograph x

  10. I love this photo so much, your smile is so lovely Carly! Really beautiful. x

  11. Check out that smile! You are just lovely, Carly!

  12. Natural is always best for me - my wife has never worn makeup, never wasted a second worrying about eyeshadow, lip gloss and all that stuff - real beauty always comes from within and you'll go a long way with that smile!

  13. What a lovely photo! You win us over with your smile and that's all you need to brighten up our day!

  14. What an excellent idea. If I would've known about the initiative I would've played too! Although I often wear a little make-up when I go to work, now, it doesn't quite sit right with me. At 23 I have spent a huge majority of my days make-up free.

  15. You have a lovely smile. Also very jealous of your hair - it looks like it must be such fun to play with.

  16. The photo and sentiment are truly as lovely as the girl herself!

  17. That is a beautiful photo of you Carly. You are such an inspiration - and your smile lights up a room!

  18. I'm very disappointed in this post, I wear makeup most days and sometimes I even wear a lot, but I don't do it because I'm vain or shallow, I do it because I enjoy it. I wear whatever I like on my face, it's just a bit of makeup and doesn't impact on my personality and I find it sad that someone would judge me on my appearance alone.

  19. Thanks everyone for your lovely kind words about my post and photo.

    Katie - I appreciate your viewpoint and that you took the time to comment. I am not going to change my views that I despise vanity, though I do think there is a balance of taking pride in one's self and wearing make up/dressing nice to fully blown vanity.

  20. Dear Carly

    This is a lovely photo- frame it.

    I wear a lot of makeup- my skin isn't fab, I'm getting older, and I find the process of applying it comforting and soothing. Plus, when I look good I feel better.

    I think I understand what you mean about pride vs vanity.

    Your perspective of makeup and vanity has been shaped because of what you've been through with your skin. You're a brave soul and I agree that a person's worth is so much more than their appearance. I also understand what Katie is saying- like me, makeup probably gives her a lite, a bit of confidence and makes her feel a bit better.

    Makeup gives me a bit of confidence so why not, but I also feel a bit free to remove it at the end of the day.

    Live and let live. Keep up the good work with the blog Carly- a lot of my readers are now following you.

    Stay strong.x

  21. Dear Carly just wanted to drop by and say hello, I really like your blog and find all your different topics very interesting, you write so well, you are such an intelligent person. Really like the photo of you. I must admit I do enjoy make up, when younger I went through phases of wearing too much or not at all, now I like putting a bit of lippy on and mascara, i find the process strangely relaxing, takes me away from things for a little moment.. I am fascinated by girls who do their full make up application on the Tube (London Underground) it is such a public space and I always worry they might poke their eye out if the Tube stops abruptly...a while ago I even saw one girl threading her friend's eyebrows on the Tube, I couldn't believe my eyes ( she was doing a v skilful job but surely they could have done it in private somewhere??) Take care Blightyxx

  22. Hi Carly -- I enjoyed reading this. I do wear makeup, minimal (eyebrow pencil & a little lippy mostly) and I know women who wear it all everyday, and others who wear none, ever.
    I think the important thing is to know your inner beauty. If you HAVE to wear makeup to think you're OK, that's sad, because we all have something to offer those around us, not just our faces.


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