20 March 2011

Things I eat straight from the jar

I got thinking I should devote a whole blog entry to this. There are quite a few foods I eat straight from the jar.

Foods that are supposed to be eaten/cooked with other foods.

But I can't resist and stick a fork in the jar, or spoon some out and eat it over the sink.

(Even though I live alone, I never double dip.)

Eating from the jar is like doing something naughty. Nigella Lawson is famous for sneaking morsels of food from the fridge late at night, or eating standing up in the kitchen.

 (screenshots from the video below)

All the foods I eat from the jar are salty or spicy. I don't eat chocolate spread straight from the jar. I don't stock chocolate spread in my pantry.

Pickled onions
(Note - that is not me. I am not pregnant, nor do I have an affinity for white clothe and sheets.)

I love the acidic, salty pickled onions. I only eat one per jar venture to the fridge. I have a Tupperware thingy just for pickled onions.
Chilli relish
I love chilli even though it burns my skin on my face. I love the thrill of eating something really hot.
Mum made Kasundi from produce from her garden, and has given me several jars over the past two years. I've never actually added it as a relish to my food. Instead I have just eaten it in spoonfuls.
The ingredients for Kasundi are: tomatoes, onions, fresh garlic and ginger, chillies, salt, tumeric, cloves, oil, vinegar and sugar.

I also bought Byron Bay Chilli Company green jalapeno sauce from the SBS Food Journey, and again, only eaten (lots of) it from a spoon. It tastes so fresh and zesty.

I can eat three or four at a time. I drain and pat the oil off before I eat them though. I love the fishy-saltiness of them.

Again, I love the thrill of eating jalapenos straight. I have never done alcohol shots (though does skulling a lot of straight Frangelico count??), but I imagine this is the food equivalent of doing shots.

I usually skull a glass of water or three afterwards.

Often when friends eat nachos, I steal the jalapenos.


This salty, fishy Dutch invention are just so good!!!!! Why I only discovered them five years ago is beyond me.

Eating salty and spicy foods from the jar is a guilty pleasure of mine. I love it.
(screenshot from the video)
What foods do you eat straight from the jar?


  1. I eat honey straight from jar, I have a BIG sweet tooth. I will even resort to golden syrup if desperate.

  2. I love olives and artichokes straight from the jar. Perfection!

  3. I only have two things - vegemite straight from the jar, and milo straight from the tin - yum!

  4. Peanut butter and vegemite (but not together of course :p) and pickled onions if I have any, they are sooo good!

  5. I'm exactly the same with pickled onions and anchovies!!!!

    I also eat gherkins straight from the jar!

  6. We're the opposite. I eat things that are sweet. Chocolate is one. I've also eaten ice cream right from the carton. Just SHHHHHHHHH. Don't tell my family. It's our secret.

  7. I love eating dill pickles straight from the jar. Delicious! In fact, your post inspired me to go and do that before I came back to write a reply.

  8. nutella.


    i love pickled onions straight from the jar too! mmmmm

  9. Chilli relish straight form the jar! Wow, respect. I have been known to eat nut butter from the jar when I have been without bread. Other than that I can't think of anything. Oh yes I can, Olives!!
    Heidi xo

  10. That part of Nigella's show is my favourite. I always try to guess before she opens the fridge door what it is that she's going to eat. (That's a bit lame, isn't it?)

    I eat from the jar: Nutella; anchovy stuffed olives.

    And ... that's it. But I do eat lots of both of those.

  11. Vegemite. No spoon. So salty and yum. Also milk from the carton.... but only when no one is watching!

    And pickled onions always taste better when straight from the jar!

  12. Bocconcini! I buy it to go on a pizza or something, then by the time I go to make the pizza they are all gone because I have nibbled them all away ball by soft little ball.

  13. anchovies from the jar is the Way God Intended, I'm sure of it. Same with rollmops. Divine!

    Also, peanut butte and mango chutney

  14. I eat Tuna that way...well from the box...

    Have a great day.

    And I have not forgotten about the meme...

  15. peanut butter is it for me! Impressive list....

  16. cucumber pickles
    pickled beetroot
    pickled chillies


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