28 March 2011

Finders Keepers Market

On Saturday I went to the Finders Keepers Market at the Docklands in Melbourne.
This weekend saw Melbourne host the Formula 1 Grand Prix.
The Grand Prix brings all the people to my yard. So many people. It's cool to see them draped in flags, and their faces painted. Merchandise stalls were at the train station.

And special trams went to the Grand Prix. None really went to Finders Keepers.
It was difficult finding a tram to take me to the Docklands - the ever expanding concrete jungle that overlooks the bay.
It always seems to look grey, no matter the weather. Saturday was cold. There are interesting sculptures at the Docklands. Some strange bendy pick up stick creation behind a temporary fence.
 And an upside down cow in a tree. Some serious (and waterproofed) papier mache there.
When I finally did arrive at Finders Keepers, I met the lovely Beccasaurus for the first time (and her well behaved little girl). Becca is making me a dress from my Ikea bedspread that I bought with Hayley. She was great to chat to. And I met Camille again. I also met Brianna, another craft blogger. So lovely to browse craft and shop, and talk girly things.

Another friend J, her mum and daughter met me a little later so I browsed the rest of the HUGE market with them.

Frankie sponsored the market. I love Frankie.
The market was so extensive, and everything I saw was good quality. It makes me want to create more than just stories. I want to craft.
 I ate tacos. Yum!
 I had heard about American taco trucks, so I was excited to see this one.

It was crowded. But the crowd made it warmer.
There were bands, this one is The Bon Scotts.
Other than hanging with a range of nice girls, the highlight was meeting a blogging idol - Lilli from Frocks and Frou Frou. She recognised me. And I shrieked, because, what a coincidence, we were wearing the same top! Of all the clothes we own, we chose our bespoke top from Michelle Tan - Lilli's blog inspired me to buy my own!
We talked about blogging and shopping, of course!

My bag was filled with goodies from Finders Keepers. Don't fret, I didn't buy that much, my bag was full of The Age - I got a kind goth/bikie to help me fold it and put it in my bag, and in doing so, his spiky leather cuff scratched me and made me bleed! The bag also contains some goodies for a blog giveaway - so stay tuned!
I mostly bought brooches. I adore brooches.

This one by Shonah. I love her products - wood and fabric covered with perspex, but I've worried that the wooden pendants would scratch me. So I was excited when I saw brooches on sale.
 I spoke with Shonah and she was so friendly and helpful. And that influences my purchases.
I got this card from Schmooks whose art I saw at Shop Handmade in Canberra.
Leeloo had so many pretties I could have bought everything. And the girls were so friendly. I chose these two brooches.

A retro model in a retro dress by Red Revival. There were so many pretty brooches by Red Revival I couldn't choose quickly.
And this colourful one from Hungry Designs. Considering I dislike and am allergic to real balloons, I love pictures of them.
And these organic cotton leg/arm warmers from Tightology - I wear so many layers, and I think these will look so cool.
So many pretty things at Finders Keepers - I wish I was a millionaire!


  1. Thanks for the tightology reminder. I must go and check out their website!

  2. Yay!

    My friend does Beatbox Kitchen, so rad. I love their burgers.

    You're right it's an absolute guessing game on how to get to the docklands by public transport. Even driving there is weird, I usually just go there for Costco and have my set route in and out of the DOCKLANDS JUNGLE. Hahahahaa

  3. I was at Docklands most of Saturday too. I was cold, cold, cold! I wish I had gone to the market, but instead I was bringing out my inner bogan and going to the football!

    I love Frankie. Have found some amazing clothes from the mag. I have a custom made tea dress being made right now! Can't wait to get it.

    Must go to the market. That taco truck... oh my!

  4. Love the photos, wish I'd known about the Finders Keepers market, it looks seriously delicious!
    Love all things craft :)

  5. I LOVE Finders Keepers markets !

    I went to the Sydney one and found some great unique goodies and felt great that I was supporting an artist :)

    It had inspired me to craft as well. In fact, I had been on the lookout for some fun craft classes near home that I can join. I will blog it if I ever get around to it!

  6. I love markets like this. (I have no idea why they're called flea markets around here. Of all things....really? It sounds gross. Finders Keepers Markets sounds a lot better.)

    It must be really cool to spot people in real life who's blogs you read on a regular basis. (I think I'd shrek if I saw you. If we ever meet at a blogging confrence....take me shopping and teach me how to dress please. You wear the style I like....but you're really so much better at it. :) )

  7. That market looks like fun! Also? Mmmmmm, tacos... Also also? My friend Leah sells her stuff through Shop Homemade!!

  8. That cow in a tree is awesome - I need one for my backyard.

    The brooch is so gorgeous! I'm looking forward to seeing it turn up in a photo soon.

  9. Ooh ooh I've always wanted to go to these markets! I adore your purchases - that bird brooch is beyond adorable xx

  10. You got some good market loot!

    Lovely to meet you on Saturday, Carly (I was the one sitting next to Bec and stuffing my face with tacos).

  11. I have never heard of Finders Keepers Market. But being sponsored by Frankie (love) and a taco truck?!?!?! I totally should have been there! I love your brooch purchases - the retro model is fab! I also love that schmooks card, how gorgeous. Perfect for a baby shower or something. It reminds me of Dumbo :)
    Heidi xo


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