23 March 2011

Girls night out at Miss Chu's + The Victoria Room

Friday night in Sydney was a girls night out. It was so much fun. I dressed up in my St Frock dress :) How beautiful is it?! The purple and the beading and the blush is so special. And it has a special place in my heart as Sandradee kindly gave it to me.

Sydney Shop Girl, Kristy and Sandradee and I dined at Miss Chu's, a Sydney streetfood institution. It was lovely seeing my friends become friends :) And Kristy is a big fan of Sydney Shop Girl's blog.

Sydney Shop Girl took this picture. Isn't it quirky?
I loved the shuttlecocks and bamboo steamers hanging from the roof hanging over the pavement.

 And the bananas. Such an expensive decoration!

We sat on milk crates, watching Sydney Shop Girl brave the long queue, filled with pretty, stylish young things (including YOU, SSG). Girls wore corporate casual with style - high waisted skirts, pearls, funky dresses and sky high heels. We admired.

The menu is fresh and tasty Asian. So cheap too.
Water came in plastic bottles resembling hip flasks. I loved the look. We wished we'd gone to one of the many bottle-os along William Street for some wine.
 We were served food in paper bags.
 We ordered heaps! Twice.
Chicken rice paper rolls (they'd run out of duck and banana flower ones) - so fresh and cool. Peking duck pancakes - rich and warming. Eggnet crab spring rolls - not greasy, nice and seafoody.
 Scallop dumplings and Shanghai dumplings - fat and juicy with spicy sauce.
 On our second order, Kristy and I ordered Wagyu pho. Spicy, lemony, slurpy goodness. Wow.
And we also ordered more pancakes. Yum yum yum.

We were all so impressed with Miss Chu's and I was excited to learn there's one in Melbourne. Must. Go. Soon.

We then walked up a large hill to the upmarket Darlinghurst bar, The Victoria Room.

Sydney Shop Girl had a Cinderella moment and changed her amazing sky high shoes to sensible yet stylish flats.

We saw two more Cinderella moments - this carriage at a lavish Russian home decor (??) store.
We lamented that Kate Middleton won't be having a horse drawn carriage at her wedding, and I remembered Kirsti from Melbourne on My Mind went to school with Kate Middleton when she was known as Catherine.

The third Cinderella moment was more bogan, more relatable. A nearly empty bottle of beer and one shoe. I hope she found her prince.
Once we braved the hill, we had cocktails at The Victoria Room. I found it hard to choose. I chose rose and lychee.
 I felt so grown up at The Victoria Room. So plush and posh.
We shared dessert - I had the privilege of choosing them. A divine rose pannecotta with strawberries. So light and creamy, and just sweet enough. It was my favourite of the two.
And this, an apple tart tatin, which I adored only a millimetre less than the pannecotta. SSG and Sandradee loved it! It was warm and rich, and had a sticky sweet caramel sauce.
Friday night in Sydney was the perfect end to a perfect day. Here's to my friends becoming new friends. You can read Sydney Shop Girl's blog about the girls night out here.


  1. Carly!!

    Great post about our night out.

    You look lovely in the St Frock dress.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  2. I LOVE the Victoria Room but haven't been for years, thanks for the reminder, my birthday is coming up and I think the girls and I will have to go there!!

  3. You look SO beautiful Carly... Wah!!! Can't get over how gorgeous you look in their clothes.

    I'm going to Miss Chu's this week, can't wait!

  4. Love the dress! And that food looks amazing. What a shame she didn't leave the other shoe as well - they're really cute shoes!! ;)

    Ooh, that reminds me. I need to do a blog post about the new shoes I got in Melbourne at the weekend. From Wittner, obviously... ;)

  5. You look beautiful, my favourite pic is the last one :) All that food looks amazing, especially that dessert! Sounds like you had a wonderful night :)

  6. Love the frock, you have great taste :)
    I didn't get to meet you at Ausblogcon but I admired you from afar and your talk really clicked with me, thank you.

    Damn, that food looks good!

  7. What a fabulous post, it got me excited for a girls dinner I'm having tomorrow night :) Your dress is stunning!!! I adore it. & Yay for there being a Miss Chu's in Melbourne, I had no idea! It looks awesome. Oh and your cocktails & desserts (especially the pannacotta) look divine - so refined ;)
    Heidi xo

  8. The food looks totally delicious!

    And bananas for decoration?! WOW. They're so expensive down here at the moment.

  9. OMG, the dress....the shoes....THE FOOD! Jealous of your night out. I'm very glad Sydney Shop Girl changed into flats. ;)

    Anddddd....going downstairs for breakfest. Your posts make me hungry darn it. I'll write more later when I stop drooling.

  10. I swear you have the "funnest" (one of my kid's words) life! When I run away from home I'm coming to live with you I never leave the house, except on boring errands.
    Looks like fun times!

  11. Looks like such a fun night out. Food at Miss Chu looks so yummy!

  12. Carly, It looks like you had a really good Night out. Its always a fun and always cherish able time to hang out with our friends.. I liked your frock.. Its pretty :)


    Gosh I wish miss chu's was open 24/7!


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