09 March 2011

Quality of life.

It's not often I am economical with words, but I think this blog entry will be one of the few times.

I manage my illness pretty well. Sure it impacts on most, if not all, aspects of my life. Sure it can be really sore, and, quite frankly, a big social hassle at times. But on the whole it's consistent.

The times I am really unwell because of my skin are no where near close to the good times I have in my life.

I may have limitations, but I am so fortunate to be able to work full time, study part time, write, present on TV, cook, do fun stuff with friends and see bands. I do a shitload of stuff, considering.

So how do I justify a drug that will impact so adversely on my life when I am well, just to suppress the symptoms of the few times I am really unwell?

I can see that my (dismal) study of economics in first year uni applies to this situation in my life. The opportunity cost of such a drug is far too big to jeopardise my quality of life. Even if it means fewer sick days.


  1. Yes, such a tough call Carly. Or maybe not...I'm not sure of the specifics (so can't really comment) but quality of life is so important. Good luck, lovely.
    Heidi xo

  2. Speaking as a spectator, perhaps your doctors feel that the few bad times have been too risky or maybe become too risky in the future to ride through? Idk, just answering a rhetorical question I guess.

    I've just started getting caught up with my blog reading from the past three weeks. Good to see you back on the up and up Carly!

  3. Dear Carly, Can you suck it and see? Sometimes I frame things in an either or when the choices may be greater. However, whatever you decide, I am confident that you will make the best choice for you. Wishing you only the best. Lindaxxx

  4. I guess it depends on HOW it will effect your quality of life and if the effects are permanent or only temporary. Do the side effects outweigh the symptoms you are experiencing? Maybe do a simple list of pros/cons, it might make things clearer.

    As someone who also lives a chronic illness (albeit a very different one) I have found that the only person who truly understands your illness is yourself- the doctors can only TELL you things, they can't ever know how something actually feels. So make whatever decision is right for you.

  5. Taking any sort of medication sucks in general, but when that medication causes horrible side effects, it makes it so much worse.
    Four of the tablets I take every day are solely to counteract the medical problems brought on by one of my other every day medications. It's that risk/benefit ratio that becomes important.
    It's a never ending cycle.

  6. It's not an easy call at all. It sounds as though you'd end up borrowing from your good days to give yourself fewer bad days, which doesn't sound fair at all.

    I hope that whatever decision you make works best for you. :)

  7. Somedays we are thankful for the medications and amazing things doctors can do but sometimes you have to wonder if these drugs only make things worse. Choosing to take a medication with hard side effects is a really difficult choice. I hope the right answer comes to because only you can make your choice in this.

  8. Oh Carly. What a dreadful pickle to be in. I have a friend on Roaccutane (she has cystic acne) and whilst she ended up beautiful skin, every other part of her was suffering (hormones, life, emotions). It wasn't worth it at all.

    So I don't really know, I guess you'll have to sort it out for your yourself but whatever you do, I support you 110% :)


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