30 March 2011

Giveaway - Able and Game, Curly Pops and more!

I picked up a few goodies at Finders Keepers to give away on the blog :)

Able and Game cards. I love these cheeky Melbourne designed cards. Lots of funny illustrations and puns. I have a pack of three to give away.
And this cute purse. I don't know who it is by. But I love it, and have one of my own. I have one to give away.
And the lovely Camille from Curly Pops, who I saw at Finders Keepers, has given me a handmade iPod holder. Isn't she talented?!

To enter, please become a subscriber to my blog via Google friend connect or my Facebook page or Twitter, and leave me a comment, with your preference of prize, and your email address.

Entries close 6.00 pm AET, Wednesday13 April 2011.

Good luck!


  1. That iPod holder is totally awesome it's the shizz man. From Phish

  2. Do I get bonus points for liking you on all three ;) I loove the little purse, so cute :)

  3. All of the prizes are super cute, but the cards are probably my favourite! :)
    I'm a follower on Tweeter via riispa and Bloglovin'.


  4. Well, I am already a follower on your blog... and on facebook, so today i joined you on twitter (roryjay). I love the ipod holder, im looking for a new one actually, to take to the gym with me and this is just awesome!

  5. I already stalk you Carly, you know this! HA HA HA

    (fb & tweet)

    So in the off chance that I win, I like the cute purse :)
    contact [@] appl3pie.com

  6. I follow you on Facebook!!
    That purse is very very sweet!


  7. Mum said to say she loves the little purse. She follows you on twitter as MonsqueekLuigi

  8. I love the i-pod holder, it's the best one I've ever seen. would love to win it. My email is on my "about" page.

  9. There are some might cute options here! I am guessing you aren't able to ship to the US?

  10. The purse is adorable. If I win maybe I can take a trip to Australia to pick it up! ;-)

  11. Love the purse! I already have a Curlypops ipod holder so I'll let some other nice person win it. I follow you on twitter (and we met on Saturday!)

  12. Seriously cute! How was I not following your blog? I've been following you on twitter for ages. I think now that we are fb friends I have covered all bases. Kxx

  13. WOOOO HOOOOO! Thanks for the international approval!!! I am going with the cards.... I love a little cheeky card.

  14. competition entry:

    preference of prize: the cards.

    email: violet_inspired@hotmail.com


  15. I would love to win the purse it's very cute.


  16. OMG! I love the ipod holder! It's just so funky, I want one :(
    Pick me! Pick me! My ipod desperately needs a cover too anyways so when I saw it, it created a strong longing for it!



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